On I Thought of You, Julie Doiron’s triumphant return is stunted by lackluster instrumentals

    Julie Doiron I Thought of You You’ve Changed · November 26, 2021 Next time you inevitably find yourself talking with your favorite northern indie collective, don’t be surprised if the name Julie Doiron unlocks stories of creative sparks and introspective resonance. Perhaps best known for her vocal performances in Mount Eerie’s Lost Wisdom project and […]

    Twenty years later, Duster creates another instant classic, “Duster”

    Duster Duster Muddguts Records · December 13, 2019 Conjured from the remnants of atmospheric dream pop and minimalistic post-punk, the slowcore scene of the 90’s stood in stark contrast to the more aggressive sounds popularized by grunge. A little band called Duster entered this scene relatively late, releasing their debut album, Stratosphere, in 1998. Stratosphere integrated […]

    The new Swans album is an enlightening experience

    Swans leaving meaning. Young God Records · October 25, 2019 Swans have been at the forefront of experimental music for a long time, largely due to the ability of Michael Gira,  founder and lone continuous member, to effortlessly evolve the band’s sound. What began as a revolutionary-yet-incoherent wall of monotonous sludge on Swans’ 1983 debut […]

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