Silk Sonic’s debut album is a sexy blast from the past

    Silk Sonic An Evening With Silk Sonic Aftermath / Atlantic · November 12, 2021 After much anticipation, Silk Sonic’s debut album An Evening With Silk Sonic is a funny and sexy blast into the past, bound to make any listener want to go out and dance underneath a glimmering disco ball. Performed by Bruno Mars, […]

    Helado Negro’s genius shines through on Far In

    Helado Negro Far In 4AD · October 22, 2021 Far In, produced and performed by Helado Negro, is a beautiful tribute to loved ones and nature. Each song paints vivid imagery with descriptions of colors, textures, and cosmic symbols. The 41-year old artist, born Roberto Carlos Lange, wrote most of the album’s songs in Marfa, […]

    Remi Wolf isn’t afraid to take risks on vibrant debut Juno

    Remi Wolf Juno Island · October 15, 2021 Remi Wolf’s latest release Juno has the energy of a carnival and the narrative of a villain origin story. Despite at first appearing as a chaotic mix of crazy drum beats like most of her other songs, the album dives deep into addiction and toxic relationships. Along […]

    BROCKHAMPTON deliver a cohesive commentary on ‘ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE’

    BROCKHAMPTON ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE RCA / Question Everything · April 9, 2021 BROCKHAMPTON’s sixth album, ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE, is an exciting release from the Southern “boy band.” While the group typically releases disjointed albums that feel unfinished, this album comes as an exception thanks to its cohesiveness and powerful storyline. The […]

    Chris Crack’s ‘Might Delete Later’ is provocative, but not cohesive

    Chris Crack Might Delete Later Fool’s Gold · February 12, 2021 Chris Crack’s new album, Might Delete Later, is provocative, but not cohesive. He spits expertly crafted bars, but his songs don’t always attract attention like anthems from other conscious rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Mos Def, and 2Pac. Chris Crack has been making music for […]

    VanJess bring the ’90s nostalgia on ‘Homegrown’

    VanJess Homegrown Keep Cool / RCA · February 5, 2021 With a synchronicity reminiscent of Brandy and Monica on their 1998 track “The Boy is Mine,” VanJess bring the feeling of ‘90s nostalgia on their new album Homegrown.  Although the album’s name might sound like it’s about pickup trucks driving down backroads, it oozes the […]

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