Interpol finds itself at a standstill with full-length ‘Marauder’

    Interpol Marauder Matador Records · August 24, 2018 Marauder is far from the most inventive or compelling Interpol album, but the consistent atmosphere created by Dave Fridmann’s production and upbeat style make way for various engaging and enjoyable moments. I’ll be honest: I really wanted to like this album. I would consider myself an Interpol super-fan to […]

    Oneohtrix Point Never release full-length ‘Age Of’

    Oneohtrix Point Never Age Of Warp Records · June 1, 2018 Oneohtrix Point Never’s latest release, Age Of, consistently straddles the line between engaging and over-stimulating throughout its 40 minute run-time— and finally comes to a consensus of a chaotically intriguing sound. Oneohtrix Point Never — real name Daniel Lopatin — has been around for what feels […]

    John Maus releases full-length ‘Addendum’

    John Maus Addendum Ribbon Music · May 18, 2018 On his fifth studio album Addendum, the “addendum” piece or companion to 2017’s Screen Memories, John Maus keeps up the momentum— and regains some of the whimsy— of his previous records. John Maus’s draw as an artist in 2018 encompasses four main components: an explosive stage presence, an […]

    Meet the NxNU Lineup: Horse Jumper of Love

    NxNU, WRBB’s annual Spring Concert, is this Friday, April 13th! Take a minute to get introduced to Horse Jumper of Love, and we’ll see you at the show. Horse Jumper of Love is a Boston-area trio, making music that has been often compared to various Phil Elverum projects (The Microphones, Mt. Eerie) for their self-described […]

    tUnE-yArDs releases full-length ‘I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life’

    tUnE-yArDs I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life 4AD · January 19, 2018 Tune-Yards newest release is sonically intriguing, but fails when it attempts too much thematically by trying for advocacy and accountability and instead falling somewhere between ‘white savior complex’ and ‘performative allyship.  Tune-Yards first entered my radar in high school when their […]

    Björk releases full-length ‘Utopia’

    Björk Utopia One Little Indian · November 24, 2017 Utopia is gorgeous, fresh, and honestly inspiring, capturing the feeling of falling in love with someone after a time of darkness and seeing the world anew, as well as a strong matriarchal energy and rejection of male power. What is there to say about Björk that hasn’t already […]

    The World Is A Beautiful Place @ Middle East

    The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die featuring Animal Flag and Rozwell Kid November 9, 2017 @ Middle East By: Caroline Smith Okay, I’ll be honest. I don’t really “get” emo as a genre, in any way, at all. I’m not saying I haven’t tried, but it’s 2017, […]

    Alice Glass, Believing Women, and Holding Abusers Accountable

    In the midst of countless abuse allegations against men in Hollywood, statements from women like Alice Glass prove that it’s not just the film industry that has a long way to go toward creating a safe environment for women. When I read Alice Glass’s statement on former Crystal Castles partner Ethan Kath for the first […]

    John Maus releases full-length ‘Screen Memories’

    John Maus Screen Memories Ribbon Music · October 27, 2017  On Screen Memories, John Maus taps into the American psyche, crafting an enjoyable and engaging ‘80s-revival pop album into a creative statement on the state of our country and what the future may hold. It’s been six years since John Maus’s last actual LP, We Must Become […]

    dvsn release full-length ‘Morning After’

    dvsn Morning After OVO Sound · October 13, 2017 [three_fourth]A year and a half after their first album SEPT 5TH was released to high acclaim, dvsn are back with Morning After. The album succeeds in melding a ‘90s R&B sound with modern convention, but relies too heavily on overused production techniques to fully leave the realm of […]

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