‘These Elements’ proves Läpsley a strong artist in the industry

    Läpsley These Elements XL Records · December 6, 2019 On her latest EP release, These Elements, Läpsley’s soulful voice is fitting for the 23-year old British artist’s emotional deep dive. The EP follows the inner turmoil of Läpsley, the stage name of Holly Läpsley Fletcher, following the end of a toxic relationship. In her own […]

    Big Thief cuts deep with ‘Two Hands’

    Big Thief Two Hands 4AD · October 11, 2019 The second album released this year by seemingly unstoppable Big Thief, Two Hands uses raw instrumentals and cunning vocals to show that the band’s greatness is not in their unique sound but in the sense of intimacy they create. The album is billed as “the earth […]

    Review: Florist’s ‘Emily Alone’

    Florist Emily Alone Double Double Whammy · July 26, 2019 Florist’s deeply introspective Emily Alone has the power to shake you. This album’s musings on life, death, loneliness, and nature had me discovering new truths about myself that I didn’t even know were there to be discovered. Florist’s third album differs from the band’s past […]

    Review: HUNNY’s ‘Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.’

    HUNNY Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Epitaph Records · July 19, 2019 HUNNY’s newest release Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. is a dynamic mix of sad boy lyrics and surf rock sounds, perfect for an early morning drive after a recent heartbreak. The band’s sound is solidified with this release, which arrived four years after the […]

    Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Humbug’ turns 10

    Arctic Monkeys Humbug  Domino Records · August 19, 2009 Most Arctic Monkeys fans can admit that the first time they listened to Humbug, they didn’t like it. With its slower tempos, crunchy guitar, and psychedelic organ accompanying Turner’s low croon, Humbug is an album that requires a certain mood to listen to: a hate-everyone-and-everything kind of […]

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