WRBB’s Craig Short caught up with singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Joseph LeMay, who performs as SONTALK. His music, a blend of delicate dissonance, distorted slide guitar transmissions, sequenced beats, vinyl samples and warm electronics, has culminated in the debut album Stay Wild. Joseph LeMay, the singer and songwriter behind SONTALK, has always loved the art of […]

    Quelle Chris unloads a rapid-fire slew of ideas on ‘Guns’

    Quelle Chris Guns Mello Music Group · March 29, 2019 Quelle Chris has had a lot of labels thrown at him over the course of his prolific career: “oddball,” “alternative,” “woke,” “quirky,” etc… I won’t resort to such name-calling, but that’s because I have no idea what label I’d put on his music anyway. Quelle (pronounced […]

    On ‘Softest Destroyer,’ Boston-based Carol makes a strong debut

    Carol Softest Destroyer Self-released · March 15, 2019 There’s a moment in “If Ever” that makes me lose track of geography. It happens right around the point when Carolyn Flaherty begins to wail wordlessly, while nimble drum brushwork clatters in the background like distant machinery. In that moment I forget where I am. I should be […]

    Deerhunter shines through the gloom on ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?’

    Deerhunter Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? 4AD · January 18, 2019 The gloomy, soot-blackened disposition of Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? stands in sharp contrast to Deerhunter’s previous effort, 2015’s Fading Frontier. The question we should really ask is “why hasn’t Deerhunter ever released a bad album?” Every vital, exciting indie band eventually runs out of […]

    Animal Collective disappoints with audiovisual experience ‘Tangerine Reef’

    Animal Collective Tangerine Reef Domino Recording Co. · August 17, 2018 Animal Collective can pretty much do whatever the hell they want at this point. They have a string of phenomenal and innovative releases behind them. They were one of most interesting band of the aughts by far, and all this rich history gives them a baseline […]

    Jim James releases full-length ‘Uniform Distortion’

    Jim James Uniform Distortion ATO Records · June 29, 2018 Everyone’s heard everyday, garden-variety distortion. It’s the stuff that changes an electric guitar’s tone from prissy twanging to a badass hunk of rock n’ roll fury. Yeah, you know the stuff. But there’s more. There’s a special kind of degradation you get when you turn the dial […]

    Mauno Exclusive Interview and Photos @ NxNU

    WRBB’s Craig Short got a chance to have some real talk with Mauno after their set at NxNU. Read on for their thoughts on hot dogs, Chad VanGaalen, the DIY scene in Halifax, and much more… Craig: So I’ve heard that you’re named after someone’s grandfather? What’s the scoop there? Who was grandpa Mauno? Eliza: Grandpa […]

    Meet the NxNU Lineup: Mauno

    NxNU, WRBB’s annual Spring Concert, is this Friday, April 13th! Take a minute to get introduced to Mauno, and we’ll see you at the show. Mauno is going to be the next big thing, at least if I have anything to say about it. The Canadian indie rock band hailing from the sleepy hamlet of […]

    Yo La Tengo releases full-length ‘There’s a Riot Going On’

    Yo La Tengo There’s a Riot Going On Matador · March 16, 2018 The more I think about the title of this album, the more I love it. It’s not This Is a Riot, or Let’s Riot, or even anything as committal as Riots Are Pretty Cool I Guess. No, there’s just a riot going on. […]

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