Ride releases EP ‘Tomorrow’s Shore’

    Ride Tomorrow’s Shore Wichita Recordings · February 16, 2018 Cleaner is not always better. Sometimes stubble looks good on people. Sometimes you need a little bacteria to make cheese (which we can generally agree is a great invention). And who wants to listen to the clean version of a rap album? This nugget of wisdom also […]

    Papadosio @ The Sinclair

    Papadosio featuring Aqueous February 17, 2018 @ The Sinclair Review By: Craig Short Yes, I admit it: I used to listen to jam bands. In fact, they were pretty much all I listened to. My condition became pretty serious. Any song under 20 minutes was a disappointment. I craved longer and longer jams, bigger and […]

    Q&A with Papadosio

    WRBB’s Craig Short recently had a chance to chat with Anthony Thogmartin of the band Papadosio, who played two dates in Boston at The Sinclair. We managed to get a closer look at all the work that goes into their ferocious live sets and intricate albums. Craig Short: It’s great to be talking to you! […]

    Django Django releases full-length ‘Marble Skies’

    Django Django Marble Skies Ribbon Music· January 26, 2018 On paper, it all seems so promising: an electro-psych-pop-whatever band, once nominated for a Mercury prize, loaded up with quirky tendencies and returning after three years with the most hit-packed, pop-oriented record of their career. And on the first listen, that hit-packed record (also known as […]

    Baths release full-length ‘Romaplasm’

    Baths Romaplasm Anticon. · November 17, 2017 Will Wiesenfeld seems to be doing a lot better nowadays. The bar for “doing better,” of course, was not set very high: For those unfamiliar with Wiesenfeld’s work as Baths, his last album, Obisidian, could best be described as crushing-ultradark-canyon-of-despair-wave, if you really felt a need to classify the genre. […]

    Hundred Waters @ Brighton Music Hall

    Hundred Waters featuring Kelsey Lu October 5th, 2017 @ Brighton Music Hall By: Craig Short [three_fourth]I stepped into Brighton Music Hall with a certain set of expectations for what I was about to witness. Hundred Waters’ dreamy, organic electronic pop and the looping cello soundscapes of opener Kelsey Lu seemed to me to be an […]

    Wolf Parade release full length ‘Cry Cry Cry’

    Wolf Parade Cry Cry Cry Sub Pop · October 6, 2017 [three_fourth]If the members of Wolf Parade were urban planners, they would create pretty, well-proportioned neighborhoods with a mess of secret tunnels and basement laboratories underneath. If they were crooked accountants, they would be great at cooking the books so that nobody would find anything wrong. Which […]

    Hamilton Leithauser @ The Sinclair

    Hamilton Leithauser February 8th at The Sinclair By: Craig Short I was given the opportunity to review Hamilton Leithauser’s show with Lucy Dacus by surprise. I hadn’t planned to attend of my own volition, but looking back that was a silly decision. It was a great night. Lucy Dacus stepped out onto the stage with her […]

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