Stereophonics release full-length ‘Scream Above the Sounds’

    Stereophonics Scream Above the Sounds Parlophone Records · November 3, 2017 Imagine you’re listening to your favorite U2 album. Now, squeeze all the emotion out of it and replace it with a healthy mix of feel-good anthemic lyrics and Kelly Jones’ awkward, twangy vocals. Now you know what Stereophonics sound like! Scream Above The Sounds is the […]

    Beck releases full-length ‘Colors’

    Beck Colors Fonograf Records · October 13, 2017 Beck created exactly what he wanted with Colors , but when there’s better pop and better Beck out there, there’s little reason to give it any attention. [three_fourth]Beck Hansen is the chameleon of modern music. From his absurdist top 10 hit ‘Loser’ to his Grammy award winning masterpiece Morning […]

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