American Football returns for round three

    American Football LP3 Polyvinyl · March 22, 2019 American Football has been known for pairing vocalist Mike Kinsella’s authentic lyrics about teenage angst with unique instrumentals, influencing two decades’ worth of emo and math rock bands. Their third self-titled album, referred to as LP3, is what happens when teenage angst turns into middle-aged angst. Aside from […]

    The Knocks and Blu DeTiger bring the best of New York to New England

    The Knocks and Blu DeTiger featuring Young & Sick February 21, 2019 at The Sinclair The artists held a self-described “houseparty” inside The Sinclair, giving Bostonians a taste of New York’s nightlife. When the Knocks brought Blu DeTiger to Cambridge, they also brought the energy of New York City with them. The artists held a […]

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