The Front Bottoms @ House of Blues

    The Front Bottoms featuring Basement October 19, 2017 @ House of Blues By: Ingrid Angulo and Jason Ebbs Basement brought an insane energy to the House of Blues the second they took the stage. The UK-based emo band has been touring all year following the release of their 2016 LP Promise Everything, but didn’t show […]

    Galantis @ House of Blues

    Galantis October 8, 2017 @ House of Blues By: Ingrid Angulo Galantis brought a wild night of hedonism and partying, making the House of Blues feel like a huge festival. I’ll preface this by saying I’ve never been a huge EDM fan. The music is fun and great for a party, but the lack of […]

    The Killers release full-length “Wonderful Wonderful”

    The Killers Wonderful Wonderful Island Records · September 15th, 2017 “The Killers have come out of their cage with their first release in five years, and they’re getting personal this time.” [three_fourth]The Killers have made a name for themselves with big, high-energy pop-rock songs that were made to be played live and blasted at full volume. A […]

    Cigarettes After Sex @ Great Scott

    Cigarettes After Sex January 29th, 2017 at Great Scott By: Ingrid Angulo & Tanvi Sehgal Opener, Libsyd Read, began the night–gently flowing into Cigarettes After Sex’s eclectic set with his atmospheric, relaxing sound. His voice softly crooned over an electronic groove and his slow, repetitive beats combined with his silky voice created a therapeutic sound. […]

    Against the Current @ Middle East

    Against the Current + CRUISR & Beach Weather November 17th, 2016 at the Middle East By: Ingrid Angulo The Middle East was full of dancing and die-hard fans, not only for the headliner, Against the Current, but also the two openers, Beach Weather and Cruisr. The small underground venue seemed to come to life with the […]

    PUP @ The Sinclair

    PUP October 21st, 2016 at The Sinclair By: Jason Ebbs Canadian punk squad PUP kicked off the American leg of their current tour at The Sinclair on Friday, October 21st, not only with their own music and energy, but with the contagious chants and electricity that influenced a rowdy crowd as well. The band is […]

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