Hoorsees’ dull debut leaves plenty of room to grow

    Hoorsees Hoorsees Kanine · February 19, 2021 The debut album from Parisian indie rock and alternative band Hoorsees is lacking in three key areas: originality, variety, and nuance. The vast majority of this record is incredibly one-note, and to be quite frank, only a handful of the tracks even stand out – and not always […]

    JPEGMAFIA’s ‘EP2!’ showcases his versatile and profound songwriting

    JPEGMAFIA EP2! EQT / Republic · February 12, 2021 JPEGMAFIA’s new EP, EP2!, is an extremely solid release from an already accomplished rapper and producer. While he released a good portion of the songs on EP2! as singles before this EP dropped, which meant there wasn’t a lot of new material on the record, EP2! still […]

    Puma Blue’s ‘In Praise Of Shadows’ is tender, emotional, and ambient

    Puma Blue In Praise Of Shadows Blue Flowers · February 5, 2021 Jacob Allen, better known by his stage name Puma Blue, shows great artistic promise on his newest album In Praise Of Shadows. Having previously released a handful of EPs and singles throughout the years that have gradually gained popularity, Puma Blue’s sound seems to […]

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