LILHUDDY’s Teenage Heartbreak is, unsurprisingly, uninspired and trite

    LILHUDDY Teenage Heartbreak Immersive / Sandlot / Geffen · September 17, 2021 Expectations weren’t exactly high for LILHUDDY’s newest release, Teenage Heartbreak. Even with this fact, however, LILHUDDY still manages to underwhelm in every aspect of his musical ability on this album. Chase Hudson, known more commonly by his pseudonym LILHUDDY, rose to fame through […]

    girl in red’s long-awaited debut LP is a disappointing flop

    girl in red if i could make it go quiet world in red · April 30, 2021 It’s disheartening to hear the state of girl in red’s music on her latest LP, if i could make it go quiet. The EPs she released previously showed genuine promise in her songwriting and in her ability to […]

    Kero Kero Bonito’s ‘Civilisation II’ EP is full of serene storytelling

    Kero Kero Bonito Civilisation II Polyvinyl · April 21, 2021 Kero Kero Bonito’s newest EP, Civilisation II, is a worthy successor to their magnificent 2019 EP Civilisation I and builds upon the themes that were previously illustrated in that work. Its sound, while similar to Civilisation I, is distinctly more blissful and serene, and the […]

    Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats try for fresh remixes with ‘UNLOCKED 1.5’

    Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats UNLOCKED 1.5 PH / Loma Vista · March 5, 2021 While UNLOCKED 1.5, a remix album of tracks from Denzel Curry and Kenny Beat’s critically acclaimed 2020 record UNLOCKED, doesn’t pose anything groundbreaking overall, there are some solid remixes on the tracklist that make it a worthy listen for hardcore […]

    Hoorsees’ dull debut leaves plenty of room to grow

    Hoorsees Hoorsees Kanine · February 19, 2021 The debut album from Parisian indie rock and alternative band Hoorsees is lacking in three key areas: originality, variety, and nuance. The vast majority of this record is incredibly one-note, and to be quite frank, only a handful of the tracks even stand out – and not always […]

    JPEGMAFIA’s ‘EP2!’ showcases his versatile and profound songwriting

    JPEGMAFIA EP2! EQT / Republic · February 12, 2021 JPEGMAFIA’s new EP, EP2!, is an extremely solid release from an already accomplished rapper and producer. While he released a good portion of the songs on EP2! as singles before this EP dropped, which meant there wasn’t a lot of new material on the record, EP2! still […]

    Puma Blue’s ‘In Praise Of Shadows’ is tender, emotional, and ambient

    Puma Blue In Praise Of Shadows Blue Flowers · February 5, 2021 Jacob Allen, better known by his stage name Puma Blue, shows great artistic promise on his newest album In Praise Of Shadows. Having previously released a handful of EPs and singles throughout the years that have gradually gained popularity, Puma Blue’s sound seems to […]

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