Blood Orange stuns with deeply poignant ‘Negro Swan’

    Blood Orange Negro Swan Domino Recording Co. · August 24, 2018 Dev Hynes, under the alias Blood Orange, has returned with Negro Swan, a 16-track display of a queer person of color’s trauma and resilience in a racist and heteronormative culture. Negro Swan sounds improvised and natural, yet finished and polished in a fusion of alt-pop, indie […]

    VÉRITÉ @ House of Blues

    VÉRITÉ supporting EDEN  April 02, 2018 @ House of Blues Photos and Review By: Jasmine Chan On that Monday night, The House of Blues was filled with college kids and everything was dark except a glowing sign that read “VÉRITÉ”- a stage name that translates to “truth” in French. Eventually, Kelsey Byrne, the singer/songwriter behind […]

    Mount Eerie releases full-length ‘Now Only’

    Mount Eerie Now Only P.W. Elverum & Sun · March 16, 2018 In Mount Eerie’s latest release, Now Only, Phil Elverum chronicles his journey to acceptance of the passing of his wife Geneviève Castrée. A year after the release of A Crow Looked at Me, which was written and produced with a fresh wound, Now […]

    Q&A with Wyclef Jean

    In anticipation of his appearance at The Wilbur Theatre on March 1st, WRBB’s Jasmine Chan got a chance to chat with Wyclef Jean and get an inside look on the veteran rapper whose influence has inspired countless upcoming musicians. JC: I’m here on WRBB talking with Wyclef Jean who will be coming to The Wilbur […]

    MGMT’s ‘Oracular Spectacular’ turns 10

    MGMT Oracular Spectacular Columbia · January 22, 2008   Has it really been 10 years since my older brother drove my sister and I to Blockbuster listening to MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular for the first time? Surely, it feels as if it has been even longer, since I could not just pick any movie to stream at the […]

    Cults @ Brighton Music Hall

    Cults October 18, 2017 @ Brighton Music Hall By: Jasmine Chan As my second of three concerts at Brighton Music Hall in one week, Cults did not deliver a standout performance for me. It was a drastic change of scene from the memorable show the night before by The Underachievers – the psychedelic rap duo […]

    The Underachievers @ Brighton Music Hall

    The Underachievers featuring Warm Brew and Injury Reserve October 17, 2017 @ Brighton Music Hall By: Jasmine Chan As a 5’2” girl, I have generally kept my rap music enthusiasm to the safe confines of my home. That all changed on a Tuesday night in Brighton Music Hall, and my evening with The Underachievers did […]

    King Krule releases full-length ‘The OOZ’

    King Krule The OOZ True Panther Sounds · October 13, 2017 [three_fourth]Archy Marshall renews his title as the reigning British monarch of all things cruel with his second album under the artist alias of King Krule. The OOZ is a genre bending journey, drenched with slightly out of tune guitar, rattling snare, and deep, gritty vocals in […]

    Cults release full-length ‘Offering’

    Cults Offering Sinderlyn · October 6, 2017 The indie-pop duo Cults present a gift of optimism and hope with their third album Offering. [three_fourth]The latest release from Cults reflects on the personal growth of the musicians, Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin, and starkly contrasts the glass half-empty outlook of their self-titled album from 2011 and Static from […]

    Father John Misty @ Blue Hills Bank Pavillion

    Father John Misty September 13, 2017 at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion By: Jasmine Chan On Wednesday night, Joshua Tillman, also known as Father John Misty, with a backing band one section short of being a full orchestra, captivated his audience within the tent of the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. The horns, strings, and percussion paired […]

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