Tall Heights experiment on third LP ‘Pretty Colors For Your Actions’

    Tall Heights Pretty Colors For Your Actions Sony Music · October 5, 2018 Tall Heights’ third LP, Pretty Colors For Your Actions, follows a “natural sonic evolution” of music as they explore experimental avenues outside of their classic acoustic folk sound. Tall Heights, made up of Paul Wright and Tim Harrington, started their music career […]

    The Neighbourhood caters to their day-one fans at House of Blues

    The Neighbourhood featuring IDK October 2, 2018 @ House of Blues Let’s get this out of the way– If you’re here for shirtless photos of Jesse Rutherford, then sorry, you’re in the wrong place. (I only shot photos for the first three songs, and he took off his shirt in the fourth). Now let’s dive […]

    Q&A with Sure Sure

    WRBB’s Juliette Paige caught up with Sure Sure on the phone while they ate avocado toast. You know, LA things. Sure Sure will be at Brighton Music Hall with Wilderado on October 23rd. Congrats on your debut LP release earlier in the year, as well as another single that came out last month! You all […]

    HONNE falls short with second LP ‘Love Me / Love Me Not’

    HONNE Love Me / Love Me Not Atlantic Records UK · August 24, 2018 Two years after releasing their debut LP, Warm On A Cold Night, British electro-pop duo HONNE (Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher) return with a second LP that explores the balance between the ups and downs of love – and I mean that quite […]

    Tall Heights @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

    Tall Heights in support of Cake and Ben Folds August 13th, 2018 at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion When the forecasts say 100% chance of rain and thunder, the logical thing to do would be to stay indoors for a calm night, but five thousand people thought otherwise and gathered at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion to […]

    Q&A with Tall Heights

    WRBB’s Juliette Paige chatted with Paul Wright from Tall Heights to speak on his upcoming album, Pretty Colors For Your Action, before he hits the road on tour. Catch Tall Heights on Monday, August 13th at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in support of Ben Folds and Cake. Congratulations on your forthcoming album, Pretty Colors For […]

    Night Riots @ Brighton Music Hall

    Night Riots featuring Silent Rival and courtship. June 12, 2018 at Brighton Music Hall There’s something about California bands. The sound is simply different when you’re surrounded by beaches instead of bracing New England winters. On June 12, three California alt-rock bands blessed Boston with their sunny vibes that make you want to take the […]

    Q&A with Silent Rival

    WRBB chatted Silent Rival to discuss new releases and music goals. Be sure to catch them live in Boston at Brighton Music Hall on June 12! First of all, congratulations on your debut album, The Kindness of Strangers, that was released last year as well as your single, “Just One Voice,” that was released last […]

    Q&A with Matt and Kim (+ Photos)

    WRBB’s Juliette Paige got a chance to chat with Matt from Matt and Kim to discuss the exploration of a new sound on their latest album, Almost Everyday. Juliette: Congratulations on the soon-to-be released album, Almost Everyday, and for hitting the road again! What’s it like being on tour again? Matt: It is so good. […]

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