St. Vincent’s ‘Actor’ turns 10

    St. Vincent Actor  4AD · May 4, 2009 Actor, St. Vincent’s sophomore album, is filled with contrasts: screeching guitars, Annie Clark’s heavenly voice, angelic string sections, and lyrics that reveal crushing anxiety upon further inspection. These compositional opposites can be viewed as a metaphor of the deception people have towards themselves and others, as stated by […]

    Pond is at its best with new full-length ‘Tasmania’

    Pond Tasmania Spinning Top Records / Caroline · March 1, 2019 Aussie psych-rockers Pond follow up their nihilistic psych-pop album The Weather with their strongest and most innovate sound yet on their newest LP, Tasmania. Produced by Kevin Parker, and considering a few of Pond’s members tour for Tame Impala’s live shows, Pond seems to have […]

    Radiohead’s ‘Hail to the Thief’ turns 15

    Radiohead Hail to the Thief Ocean Way Recording / Canned Applause · June 2003 15 years after politically charged masterpiece Hail to the Thief was released, Radiohead’s social commentary has never been more relevant. The paranoia, cynicism, and hopelessness that tied the album to the Bush administration’s perniciousness seem like small fry compared to the ever-looming doomsday […]

    David Byrne’s Performance Art, Activism, and Nonstop Groove

    David Byrne August 1, 2018 at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Individuals expecting to come to a regular concert during David Byrne’s sold out performance at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion would come to be pleasantly surprised as soon as the night began. With Byrne claiming that his current tour supporting his first solo album in […]

    Beach House release full-length ‘7’

    Beach House 7 Sub Pop · May 11, 2018 Beach House’s sound is immediately recognizable with each new release, yet Legrand and Scally maintain freshness and originality that is undeniable on their most recent album. Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, the modern dream-pop masterminds behind Beach House, continue to keep listeners refreshed with their ever-evolving […]

    MGMT releases full-length ‘Little Dark Age’

    MGMT Little Dark Age Columbia Records · February 09, 2018 After a five year break from making new music, MGMT have returned with their latest album, Little Dark Age — a dystopian glimpse into the technology-ruled present. From their humble beginnings at Wesleyan University, to their 2007 release of Oracular Spectacular, with hits like ‘Time to Pretend’ […]

    Panda Bear releases EP ‘A Day With the Homies’

    Panda Bear A Day With the Homies Domino · January 12, 2018 Of all of Panda Bear’s discography, the emotions this album evokes are the most relevant to our modern day existence. Teasing his new album through releasing all five of the songs’ lyrics on social media in November, and then officially announcing the details of the […]

    La Femme @ Brighton Music Hall

    La Femme featuring Jacques October 26, 2017 @ Brighton Music Hall By: Kathryn Garcia [three_fourth]As the crowd shuffled into Brighton Music Hall on a rather chilly fall evening, special guest Jacques (the opener and a semi-member of La Femme) was already bumping homemade rhythms composed through the manipulation of the various complicated musical keyboards and mixing […]

    Q&A with La Femme

    Introducing himself first as, “the tomato,” Kathryn Garcia of WRBB was able to interview keyboardist of La Femme, Nunez Hijo, after their show at Brighton Music Hall on October 26, 2017. [three_fourth]I was able to catch La Femme last weekend at Desert Daze, you were wearing a bandana and everyone had very funky outfits. How […]

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