Fans can count on Cavetown’s personal lyrics and addictive quality in ‘Sleepyhead’

    Cavetown Sleepyhead Sire Records · March 27, 2020 Sleepyhead, Cavetown’s fourth studio album, allows singer-songwriter Robin “Robbie” Skinner to connect with his fans on a deeper level. Skinner is known for his poetic lyrics and “bedroom pop” instrumentals, which combine to create Cavetown’s unique sound. On Sleepyhead, Skinner maintains this sound while exploring personal themes […]

    Grouplove finds the good in the worst of times on ‘Healer’

    Grouplove Healer Canvasback. · March 13, 2020 Grouplove’s fourth studio album Healer comes after an almost four-year hiatus. Grouplove, the band most well-known for their 2011 hit “Tongue Tied,” found inspiration for Healer in the American political climate as well as the personal lives of the band members. Part of the album was recorded in […]

    COIN inspires listeners to truly feel their emotions on ‘Dreamland’

    COIN Dreamland The Committee for Sound & Mind · February 21, 2020 In their third studio album Dreamland, COIN maintains their upbeat indie pop sound while diving deep into serious topics such as heartbreak, loss, and struggling to know yourself. The energy they possess throughout all 14 tracks is one that inspires their listeners to […]

    Louis Tomlinson clings onto the past on ‘Walls’

    Louis Tomlinson Walls Arista Records & Syco Music · January 31, 2020 Despite his attempt to break out of the boy band mold, former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson seems to still be clinging to the past. While he tries to be authentic in his debut album Walls, he instead ends up making music for […]

    Cigarettes After Sex release a shallow, stagnant LP

    Cigarettes After Sex Cry Partisan Records · October 25, 2019 The second studio album from Cigarettes After Sex, Cry, explores the sexual fantasies of vocalist, guitarist, and writer Greg Gonzalez with a level of vulnerability their fans may not have been looking for. Still, the mostly shallow lyrics are accompanied by familiar melodies, guitar lines, […]

    FINNEAS will rip your heart out on ‘Blood Harmony’

    FINNEAS Blood Harmony OYOY · October 4, 2019 In his first EP, FINNEAS showcases the songwriting and production skills that had previously been praised through the work of his sister, Billie Eilish. Following a collection of singles released over the past three years, Blood Harmony allows FINNEAS to develop a voice of his own throughout […]

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