Niall Horan releases full-length ‘Flicker’

    Niall Horan Flicker Capitol Records · October 20, 2017 Niall Horan makes good Adult Contemporary when he could be making great Modern Rock. But for what it is, his new LP is a strong debut that I surprisingly recommend. [three_fourth]This may come as a shock, but I was not very torn up when One Direction broke up. […]

    P!nk releases full-length ‘Beautiful Trauma’

      P!nk Beautiful Trauma RCA Records · October 13, 2017 On her 7th studio album, P!nk follows in Lady Gaga’s footsteps; becoming dreadfully boring in the wake of the excitement and edge that made us fall in love with her. [three_fourth]Today, our glasses remain down. Today, the party will not be started. Today, I listened to a […]

    Macklemore releases full-length “GEMINI”

    Macklemore GEMINI Bendo, LLC · September 22, 2017 Back? Yes. Like he never left? No. Macklemore plays catch-up with his latest solo album, but he still manages to stay endearing from start to finish. [one_fourth] Listen to GEMINI here: [/one_fourth] [three_fourth]There aren’t many insults that haven’t been thrown at Macklemore. He has been called an awful lot of things […]

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