Sabrina Claudio gives fans a cathartic experience on ‘Truth Is’

    Sabrina Claudio Truth Is SC Entertainment · October 4, 2019 Sabrina Claudio’s latest release Truth Is analyzes her escape from an emotionally abusive relationship. As listeners tune in to Claudio’s seductive record, the Miami singer expresses her pain through vivid imagery and intense emotions. She begins the piece by thinking it’s her own fault for […]

    Alessia Cara fails to shine through with her new EP

    Alessia Cara This Summer Def Jam Recordings · September 6, 2019 In contrast to the composition of her past records, Alessia Cara shows a lack of growth in lyrical and musical content on her latest EP, This Summer. The pop singer, who is now 23, is known for producing archetypal coming-of-age musical passages, wherein she […]

    Logic doubles down on cheesiness with ‘Supermarket’

    Logic Supermarket Def Jam Records · March 26, 2019 As the record continues, there is a clear repetition between each song’s style and mood, and with each track, the lyrics progressively become more cliched. Never before would you have heard Logic’s name and the word ‘acoustic’ in the same sentence — until now. In his […]

    Khalid caters to his fans with ‘Free Spirit’

    Khalid Free Spirit RCA Records · April 5, 2019 In his latest release Free Spirit, Khalid has graduated from his youth-like, carefree lyrics and now attempts to share matured tales of heartache and loss, while maintaining his ‘summer before college’ vibes. For the most part, the 21-year-old succeeds, providing listeners with an easy-on-the-ear record that makes […]

    Billie Eilish’s debut is a nightmarish trip into her mind

    Billie Eilish WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Interscope · March 29, 2019 WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? is something out of a nightmare. It seeps into the deepest, darkest pockets of your soul, encouraging you to embrace the wicked. Only 17, Billie Eilish is a star on the […]

    Sigrid releases debut full-length ‘Sucker Punch’

    Sigrid Sucker Punch Universal Island Records · March 8, 2019 Sucker Punch is the best spoonful of sugar to help the heartbreak go down. Do you overthink relationships? Are you dying to learn how to live in the moment? Ever have had trouble letting go of relationships, even if it is what’s best for you? Are […]

    Jonathan Wilson brings raw emotion to Brighton Music Hall

    Jonathan Wilson featuring Michael Nau February 22, 2019 at Brighton Music Hall Though both of the night’s performances were not what one may have expected, the night was a wholesome, acoustics-filled joy to watch. The red ambiance set by the stage lights at Brighton Music Hall made it clear that it would be an intimate […]

    Q&A with The End of the Ocean

    WRBB’s Paige Stern chatted with Kevin Shannon, Trish Chisholm, and Tara Mayer of The End of the Ocean about their new album -aire, their love of Paprika Pringles, and tour so far. Get tickets for their show today, January 25th. How and when did the band originally come together? Kevin Shannon: The band formed almost a […]

    Bon Iver’s ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ turns 10

    Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago Jagjaguwar · February 2008   For Emma, Forever Ago is the self-released premier album of singer-songwriter Justin Vernon from 2007. After an unfortunate encounter with mononucleosis, a liver infection and a heart wrenching break up, Vernon left his hometown to spend some alone time at a hunting cabin in Eue Claire, Wisconsin. […]

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