Like his return, Justin Bieber’s ‘Changes’ falls a bit flat

    Justin Bieber Changes Def Jam Recordings and RBMG· February 14, 2020 Love him, hate him, or stopped paying attention to him years ago, there’s no denying the impact that Justin Bieber has had on music and the world of celebrity. He redefined what it meant to be famous in the 21st century, but inevitably fell […]

    Wallows make their way to Boston

    Wallows May 10, 2019 at Paradise Rock Club From the moment Wallows took the stage at Paradise Rock Club, they exuded strong, yet light-hearted adrenaline as they performed. Their positive energy prompted the audience to reciprocate, jumping and dancing along to the music throughout the whole show. Despite the small size of the venue and […]

    DUCKWRTH’s new album is proof of his greatness

    DUCKWRTH THE FALLING MAN Republic Records · May 17, 2019 Mark my words: DUCKWRTH is going to be huge. There’s absolutely no one in the rap game like him right now. He can sing, rap, dance and write – and does it all with great charisma. Whether he’s releasing an album, mixtape or EP he […]

    Wallows prove their worth on their debut LP

    Wallows Nothing Happens Atlantic Records · March 22, 2019 Many associate the name Dylan Minnette with Netflix’s hit show “13 Reasons Why,” but if you’re cool you know that he’s also a musician. Minnette and childhood friends Cole Preston and Braeden Lemasters have been performing together for over a decade but only recently started releasing music […]

    Ariana Grande confronts her painful past on ‘thank u, next’

    Ariana Grande thank u, next Republic Records · February 8, 2019 thank u, next is everything that sweetener was and more. Ariana Grande has had a rough couple of years. Beginning with a terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester in May 2017, it’s been a bumpy ride for her ever since. After taking some time […]

    Little Mix releases full-length ‘LM5’

    Little Mix LM5 Columbia Records · November 16, 2018 It seems Little Mix are entering a new era, as news broke earlier this month that they were parting with Syco Records. LM5 was released by RCA just 6 days later, the perfect way to introduce the world to the new and improved Little Mix. In 2011 Little Mix […]

    Beyoncé’s ‘I Am… Sasha Fierce’ turns 10

    Beyoncé I Am… Sasha Fierce Columbia · November 2008 No Beyoncé album is as paradoxical as her third studio album I Am… Sasha Fierce. Despite receiving mediocre reviews, it still went #1 on the US Billboard 200 and went triple platinum, selling 3.25 million units. With four out of nine singles from the album making it […]

    Novo Amor hypnotizes listeners with ‘Birthplace’

    Novo Amor Birthplace AllPoints · October 19, 2018 Between his soft-spoken voice and the range of instruments he includes in his songs, Novo Amor creates genuinely beautiful music that is hard not to enjoy. When I was first introduced to Novo Amor a few months ago I was immediately enchanted by his sound. A mix […]

    The Neighbourhood releases self-titled ‘The Neighbourhood’

    The Neighbourhood The Neighbourhood Columbia Records · March 09, 2018 As an avid fan of The Neighbourhood and someone who was waiting eagerly for the follow-up to their 2015 album Wiped Out!, listening to their new self-titled album the first time around was an experience that can only be described as painful. While wallowing in the […]

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