Adele is back to unveil everything on 30

    Adele 30 Columbia · November 19, 2021 The past five years have proven tumultuous for R&B singer Adele, as her latest album’s primary focus is on her recent divorce with ex-husband Simon Konecki. Despite the subject matter, she reflects less on her past lover and indulges more on the transformations which have taken place within […]

    Dijon’s cacophony makes for a surprisingly sweet melody on Absolutely

    Dijon Absolutely R&R / Warner · November 5, 2021 Dijon’s debut album, Absolutely, is crowded, overflowing, and full to bursting — and yet somehow, it all still works.  Known for his endearing raspiness and genre bending, Dijon can switch between a serenade and a cry without a moment’s hesitation. The first track on the album, […]

    On Optimist, FINNEAS practices humble self-reflection

    FINNEAS Optimist Interscope · October 15, 2021 At this point, it’s hard to ignore FINNEAS’ renown as a talented pop artist and production powerhouse (not to mention eight-time Grammy winner at only 24 years old). Besides writing music and collaborating with sister Billie Eilish, he’s also produced songs for artists like Selena Gomez, Camilo Cabello, […]

    dvsn transports listeners to the past eras of R&B on ‘A Muse in Her Feelings’

    dvsn A Muse in Her Feelings OVO Sounds/Warner Records · April 17, 2020 Canadian rhythm and blues  duo dvsn dropped their third studio album on April 17, a record that’s reminiscent of a classic ‘90s style with enough notable features and sampling techniques to keep listeners hooked. Paul “Nineteen85” Jefferies overlooks production, while Daniel Daley […]

    ‘CALM’ is a valiant effort, but 5SOS needs to revise their vision

    5 Seconds of Summer CALM Interscope Records · March 27, 2020 5 Seconds of Summer’s fourth studio album, CALM – an acronym using all of the band member’s first initials; Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael – follows the storyline of a “young man’s life, for better or for worse,” as noted in a Music Feeds […]

    Lauv gives fans an intriguing, introspective escape on ‘~how i’m feeling~’

    Lauv ~how i’m feeling~ AWAL · March 6, 2020 Lauv’s debut studio album, ~how i’m feeling~, embraces his multifaceted personality, focusing on six different characters that each represent a different part of him. Each coordinates with a color representing his mood — purple as existential, blue as hopeless romantic, green as goofy, yellow as positive, […]

    MARINA’s acoustic take on ‘Love + Fear’ misses the mark

    MARINA Love + Fear Acoustic Atlantic Records UK · September 13, 2019 MARINA’s first acoustic EP, Love + Fear Acoustic, entered the scene carrying expectations similar to that of a younger sibling following in their older sibling’s shadow. Love + Fear received significant hype after MARINA’s four year hiatus, but its slower, softer successor did […]

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