Steve Gunn shows growth on ‘The Unseen in Between’

    Steve Gunn The Unseen in Between Matador Records · January 18, 2019 Like staring into the embers of a campfire, The Unseen in Between is a meditative experience, chock-full of oaken textures caught in a smoky psychedelic haze. From the first minute of The Unseen in Between – or if you didn’t make it that […]

    Aphex Twin releases ‘Collapse’ EP

    Aphex Twin Collapse – EP  Warp Records · September 14, 2018 Since the early 90’s, Richard D James’ output under the Aphex Twin label has been a pioneering force in IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), a genre with a name so pretentious it makes me want a lobotomy every time I read it. That said, the […]

    The Internet release full-length ‘Hive Mind’

    The Internet Hive Mind Columbia Records · July 20, 2018 The Internet sound most exciting on Hive Mind when they’re experimenting, pushing their established sound into new directions while playing to the strengths of each member. Returning from a three-year hiatus that saw several members of the band pursue their solo careers, the Internet picks up right […]

    DJ Koze releases full-length ‘Knock Knock’

    DJ Koze Knock Knock Pampa Records · May 4, 2018 At 16 tracks, Knock Knock had the potential to be a bloated listen. And with such a vast range of musical lineages running through the sonic fabric, it probably would be a bloated mess in the hands of less dexterous DJ. But DJ Koze’s knack for synthesizing […]

    Bedouine @ Great Scott

    Bedouine featuring Aisha Burns and Domino Kirke November 18, 2017 @ Great Scott By: Robert Kerstens Folk singer Azniv Korkejian performs under the name Bedouine, a play on the Bedouin nomads who roam North Africa and the Middle East. As a nomad herself, it’s a fitting title; she was born in Aleppo to an Armenian […]

    Yung Lean releases full-length ‘Stranger’

    Yung Lean Stranger YEAR0001 · November 10, 2017 Like most people, when I first heard Yung Lean, I thought it was a joke. It was 2013, and my friend was showing me the music video for ‘Hurt.’ I laughed at the Swedish teen, dancing in front of a green screen with his Pokémon card collection and Arizona […]

    Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile @ Orpheum Theatre

    Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile November 4, 2017 @ Orpheum Theatre By: Robert Kerstens When I reviewed their collaborative release Lotta Sea Lice a few weeks earlier, I listened to so much of Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett’s music that I honestly dreaded covering their Orpheum Theatre show. It was a shame; as a huge […]

    Giraffage @ The Sinclair

    Giraffage featuring Wingtip and Sweater Beats October 29, 2017 @ The Sinclair By: Robert Kerstens [three_fourth]The first time I saw Giraffage, he was opening for EDM’s lightweight champion Porter Robinson back in 2014. Both artists were riding creative peaks at the time. Porter was supporting his career-defining debut Worlds, while Giraffage had just released the […]

    Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile release full-length ‘Lotta Sea Lice’

    Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile Lotta Sea Lice Matador Records Limited · October 13, 2017 [three_fourth]It seems like a perfect fit. Both Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett are lonely souls who love being lonely, lost in their own worlds and not caring enough to ask for directions. In their previous work, they both reached their creative peaks […]

    Frankie Rose @ Great Scott

    Frankie Rose featuring Carlisle Sound and Suburban Living October 11, 2017 @ Great Scott By: Robert Kerstens [three_fourth]The best part about Allston’s Great Scott is not the intimacy you get with the artists performing in this tiny bar, although that’s nice too. The best part is the freedom you have to sit down, grab a […]

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