Animal Collective releases “The Painters” EP

    After 2016’s Painting With, indie force Animal Collective have followed up with a companion EP that expands and extends on their sound while still maintaining an experimental element. It is impossible to talk about anything Animal Collective has done without mentioning their past works; partly because they have put out some of the most colorful experiments […]

    Danny Brown @ Paradise Rock Club

    After three nights of live music and a most unfortunate series of events leading to me walking into Paradise thirty minutes before Danny Brown walked on stage, I was ready for this experience to be as cathartic as possible. The pop-rap which was playing obtrusively from the speakers halts, and is replaced with the huge […]

    Car Seat Headrest and Lucy Dacus @ The Sinclair

    Lucy Dacus The opening act, Lucy Dacus, takes the stage alone, illuminated by soft blue lighting. Without any introduction she sings “The first time I tasted somebody else’s spit, I had a coughing fit,” which elicits a few scattered chuckles amongst the growing crowd. The lighthearted opening line leads to a somber, personal ode to […]

    Nobody Likes Kanye More Than Kanye Likes McDonald’s

    Frank Ocean and his connections to popular media have really garnered some attention over the past week with his drawn out release of his latest album, “Blonde”. It seems the world’s eyes are turned to Ocean (at least mine are), and the man seems to bring new and exciting things to the proverbial table. In Ocean’s “Boys […]

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