HarborLights & Brutus prove their savagery @ ONCE

    Brutus  November 12, 2019 at ONCE Ballroom The adrenaline was contagious as post-rock bands HarborLights  and Brutus swept the crowd away at the ONCE Ballroom Tuesday evening.  HarborLights opened the show, drawing in the crowd with their heavily distorted guitars, bass, fast-tempo drumming, and talent. A fight even broke out halfway through HarborLights’ set, as […]

    The Script loses touch with their sound on ‘Sunsets and Full Moons’

    The Script Sunsets and Full Moons Sony Music Entertainment · November 8, 2019 The Script, known for their signature lyrics and emotional messages, seemed to have lost touch with their sound with their newest release Sunsets and Full Moons. The new album lacked the genuineness and rawness of their older material. Overproduced mixes and cliche […]

    At Great Scott, TOLEDO and Penelope Isles prove alternative never died

    TOLEDO and Penelope Isles October 17, 2019 at Great Scott The meager amount of people  at the Great Scott in Allston did not do performers TOLEDO and Penelope Isles justice. The few people lingering by the bar congregated to the front when the opening band stepped up to the stage. Instead of introducing themselves, the […]

    Hail the Sun bring Brighton Music Hall to life

    Hail the Sun September 30, 2019 at Brighton Music Hall A night of passion, excitement, and action greeted Boston on Monday evening as Hail the Sun arrived in Boston for their headline tour, accompanied by VIS, Strawberry Girls, and Royal Coda. The small crowd was scattered about, some alongside the walls while others were already […]

    Pixies release full-length ‘Beneath the Eyrie’

    Pixies Beneath the Eyrie Infectious Music · September 13, 2019 Weaving together elements of chilling and hard-edged content, Beneath the Eyrie is the seventh album to be released by the American alternative-rock band Pixies. The band has  released 3 albums in the aftermath of their long-awaited reunion, and fans have waited expectantly for their breakthrough […]

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