Godin’s ‘Concrete and Glass’ is equally amour, imagination, et rêve

    Nicolas Godin Concrete and Glass NCLS· January 24, 2020 “Your house is a fine little house, Jack.” — Virgil “Fame, it’s not your brain, it’s just the flame/ That burns your change, to keep you insane.” — David Bowie, or John Lennon  The art of architecture is impossible to separate from the music of Nicolas […]

    Pinegrove’s ‘Marigold’ doesn’t sit quite right

    Pinegrove Marigold Rough Trade Records · January 17, 2020 Unfortunately, it’s usually easier to just talk about the music.  For those unaware, Pinegrove took a year-long break from touring following sexual coercion allegations against frontman Evan Stephens Hall. An article published in the New Yorker earlier in January does a much better job than I […]

    ‘The Odd Czar Against Us’ is another entertaining effort from CZARFACE

    CZARFACE The Odd Czar Against Us Silver Age · December 6, 2019 Like any collective of superheroes, CZARFACE can seemingly assemble at a moment’s notice. The rap “supergroup,” quotes employed only because it’s a laughable term and not because the talents of Wu-Tang’s Inspectah Deck and Boston-based duo 7L and Esoteric fail to meet that […]

    Black Marble releases lackluster ‘Bigger Than Life’

    Black Marble Bigger Than Life Sacred Bones Records · Oct. 25, 2019 A rapidly pulsating dial-tone is quickly joined by another at a slightly offset rhythm at a slightly higher pitch, creating a combined blaring, like a cosmic telephone ringing off the hook. We’re going back in time now, the symphony sounding probably as a […]

    John Coltrane’s “new” album is really just a commercial gimmick

    John Coltrane Blue World Impulse! Records · September 27, 2019 John Coltrane? In 2019? That’s right, folks. We’ll get to the music, but first, we have to go back to the summer of 1964. Sure, The Beatles had already landed and were on their way to altering the course of rock history, but changes were […]

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