Priests want a revolution on ‘The Seduction of Kansas’

    Priests The Seduction of Kansas Sister Polygon Records · April 5, 2019 The Seduction of Kansas is a great album for radicals, and a terrible album for everyone who disagrees with Priests’ agenda. In their second politically-charged album of the Trump era, The Seduction of Kansas, Priests is still very angry. Their last album, Nothing Feels […]

    In ‘People Change,’ machineheart has a hot-blooded debut

    machineheart People Change Nettwerk Records · February 8, 2019 The consistently cold angst felt throughout this album makes machineheart worthy of its namesake. It is difficult to categorize a moody concoction of electronic synths with indie rock undertones into a particular genre. In machineheart’s debut album People Change, Stevie Scott’s high-pitched and delicate voice bares consistently grungy […]

    Cherry Glazerr shakes Brighton Music Hall with a head-banging set

    Cherry Glazerr February 15, 2019 at Brighton Music Hall Whether catchy, sulky, funny or outlandish, Cherry Glazerr delivered a sound inviting the audience to dance until it seemed their heads were about to fly off their necks. The walls of Brighton Music Hall vibrated and came to life as mumbling vocals, occasional shrieks, and eccentric […]

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