Q&A with Laura Stevenson

    Photo by Kenneth Bachor “This next song is about death!” At a Laura Stevenson show, this is not an uncommon thing to hear. Her onstage persona is darkly witty, a little self-deprecating, and above all, entirely sincere. Since the release of her 2010 debut A Record, Laura has built a discography of similarly-minded songs featuring swift guitar playing and painfully […]

    INTERVIEW // Kiley Lotz (Petal)

    Photo by Amanda Hatfield “Your voice is beautiful, but that third song, I wouldn’t play that again!” Kiley Lotz laughs as she recalls the blunt feedback she received from European showgoers while supporting Beach Slang on their UK/EU tour earlier this year. She adds that she loved their honesty, finding it more refreshing than shocking. […]

    SHOW REVIEW: LVL UP, Florist, Kal Marks, Brittle Brian // Great Scott 2.24.16

    On the surface, last Wednesday’s lineup at Great Scott might not seem very cohesive in genre. The show mixed together LVL UP’s ’90s slacker rock, Florist’s electro-tinged bedroom pop, Kal Marks’ sludgy garage punk, and Brittle Brian’s experimental acoustic folk – and if there’s one thing these bands proved, it’s that cohesiveness can be seriously […]

    ALBUM REVIEW: Pinegrove – Cardinal

    Pinegrove – Cardinal (2016) The first time I saw Pinegrove was in 2014, and I recall feeling instantly floored by their melodic, emotionally affecting brand of DIY indie-folk. I spent a lot of time voraciously diving into their Bandcamp releases, watching their YouTube sessions, and hoping that the Montclair, NJ-based band would soon return to Boston. […]

    SHOW REVIEW: Pinegrove at Run For Cover Records // 2.3.16

    Pinegrove at Run For Cover Records // 2.3.16 Announced only 24 hours beforehand, Pinegrove’s solo acoustic set at Run For Cover Records was guaranteed to be a cozy and intimate experience. Around 50 people squeezed into the office, turned into a welcoming and relaxing space with couches and snacks. Run For Cover has a track […]

    ALBUM REVIEW: Porches – Pool

    Porches – Pool (2016) The first time I heard Porches was in July 2013. I was laying on a hallway floor inside a stranger’s house after a basement show, and someone had turned all the lights off and put the band’s record Slow Dance in the Cosmos on the speaker system. I realize that this sounds weird […]

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