Arca completes her Kick world with a bang

    Arca KICK ii, KicK iii, kick iiii, and kiCK iiiii XL · November 30 – December 3, 2021 Arca, Venezuelan electronic artist and dominator of all things experimental, has recently delivered four new albums to her Kick series. This five-part sequence is Arca’s expression of her identity as a trans-femme queer woman, her philosophies on […]

    RAY BLK shines on long-awaited debut Access Denied

    RAY BLK Access Denied Island · October 1, 2021 In the U.S., when one mentions a current female R&B singer, some names that come to mind are SZA, Summer Walker, or Ella Mai. However, don’t count out RAY BLK next time you think of the genre. Four years after winning the BBC’s Sound Of 2017, […]

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