Kesha finds her footing on ‘High Road’

    Kesha High Road Kemosabe Records· January 31, 2020 On her last album Rainbow, middle school dance icon Kesha stampeded back onto the pop music scene, ready for vengeance after a highly-publicized and difficult legal battle with producer Dr. Luke. Now, three years later, she is ready to continue the healing process by letting loose and […]

    Jimmy Eat World release ‘Surviving’

    Jimmy Eat World Surviving Exotic Location Recordings · October 18, 2019 Jimmy Eat World hit double digits while you weren’t looking. Most bands “sell out” well before their 10th LP, but Jimmy Eat World’s October 18th release proves they have the same energy they did at the dawn of their commercial career in 1996. The […]

    Xavier Rudd @ Paradise Rock Club

    Xavier Rudd w/ Bobby Alu September 24, 2019 at Paradise Rock Club It’s probably been a while since Paradise Rock Club saw a didgeridoo. That definitely changed after Australian singer and multi-instrumentalist, Xavier Rudd, played there September 24, nearing the end of the World Tour for his 2018 album, Storm Boy. A handful of audience […]

    It’s time to let go: Blink 182 releases another lackluster album

    Blink 182 NINE Viking Wizard Eyes · September 20, 2019 Listeners who were expecting Blink 182 to return to their roots on their newest album will likely  be disappointed. Listeners who expected them to continue the trajectory from their last album may also be disappointed. The pop punk legends’ ninth full-length, aptly titled NINE, succeeds […]

    Tacocat is politically optimistic on ‘This Mess is a Place’

    Tacocat This Mess is a Place SubPop Records · May 3, 2019 Tacocat is jaded. They woke up one morning in November 2016 to a presidential candidate, very different from the one they expected, winning the American presidency. And now, they just want to be done with everything that’s happened since. The opener to the […]

    On ‘Cuz I Love You,’ Lizzo reigns supreme

    Lizzo Cuz I Love You Atlantic Records · April 19, 2019 I could barely write this review because I had to keep getting up to dance around my living room. I dare you to listen all the way through without doing the same. Body-positivity rap and pop queen Lizzo’s third studio album Cuz I Love […]

    Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ Turns 25

    Green Day Dookie Reprise Records · February 1, 1994 In 2019, it’s hard to believe that when Green Day released Dookie, the band’s major-label debut, listeners berated the band for selling out. Now, after many more releases which have arguably gone downhill, the album stands out as an iconic piece of the pop-punk giant’s discography. Dookie […]

    Weezer disappoints with the ‘Black Album’

    Weezer Weezer (Black Album) Atlantic Records · March 1, 2019 On the whole, the lyrics on the Black Album are immature and meaningless, and with few exceptions the songs will fade into the background without leaving any lasting impression, much like the members’ masked faces on the album cover. Weezer’s fifth self-titled album is a far […]

    Badflower’s ‘OK, I’M SICK’ is a punch to the face

    Badflower OK, I’M SICK Big Machine Records · February 22, 2019 Badflower has provided a mature debut, talking about real issues and kicking their listeners’ ears in while they’re at it. If you’re looking for a punch in the face, LA-based rock band Badflower is happy to provide. The four-piece’s debut full-length OK, I’M SICK, released […]

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