On ‘All Mirrors,’ Angel Olsen is once again in a land all her own

    Angel Olsen All Mirrors Jagjaguar · October 4, 2019 Angel Olsen introduced her music to the world from what seemed like a million miles away. Her debut EP, Strange Cacti, captured the sound of an abandoned church in the middle of the night, expansive and intimate. It immediately felt like a revelation — there was […]

    Vampire Weekend returns with ‘Father of the Bride’

    Vampire Weekend Father of the Bride Columbia Records · May 3, 2019 Father of the Bride is not a great Vampire Weekend album, but Koenig et. al have plenty of great music left in them. It’s been over two years since Ezra Koenig first teased Vampire Weekend’s fourth album (then titled Mitsubishi Macchiato) on his […]

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