Community Connections #5: February

    [Interviews, writing, and photos by Annika Eske, Nasset Derilhomme, and Abby Feck] On Tuesday, February 21st, members of the WRBB Media Team set up a table at Curry Campus Crossroads. This month, we asked passersby to tell us about the first concert they ever went to, and which music artist is still on their concert […]

    WRBB’s Valentine’s Day Top Five

    Love is in the air! Today is that special day when everyone is either happily in love or sad that they aren’t. Sometimes a little love song is just what you need, so here are five songs that we think perfectly capture the range of Valentine’s Day emotions (plus five more for good measure). “Call […]

    Community Connections #4: January

    Interviews, writing, and photos by Annika Eske, Nasset Derilhomme, and Bela Omoeva. On January 24th, WRBB asked people in Curry Student Center which music artists they believe deserve more attention. Some people shouted quick recommendations to us as they passed, but others stopped to chat and explain to us why their chosen music artist needs […]

    WRBB Fall ’22 Wrapped

    The media team brings you… WRBB’s Fall ‘22 Wrapped! Free of the embarrassing revelations that may adorn your own Spotify Wrapped, our version takes a look back at some of our favorite articles from this semester. A huge shoutout to all of the writers and photographers that filled our website with such amazing content! Without […]

    Community Connections #3: December

    On December 5th, WRBB’s Annika Eske set up a table at Campus Crossroads and asked anyone who stopped by to tell us about the most “surprising” music they’ve been listening to lately. As one might expect, we got some unconventional answers – it was news to us that the Philadelphia Eagles released a Christmas album […]

    Community Connections #2: November

    On November 3rd, WRBB’s Ben Hussey and Annika Eske asked passersby in the Curry Student Center, “If you could have a conversation with one artist, who would it be?” People would often need a good minute before answering the question. It’s a tough one. Nonetheless, we heard some great answers, from Céline Dion to Yves […]

    WRBB’s Top Five Spooky Tracks

    Check out these spooky season selections from WRBB’s Media Team – some old, some new, some classic, and some out-of-the-box.  “Kerosene!” by Yves Tumor After a suspenseful opening, this track explodes into a wall of sound filled with wailing guitar and high-energy vocals. The music video features a car crash and a flaming golf ball, […]

    Community Connections #1: October

    Community Connections is a brand-new column, dedicated to thoughts and stories related to music. On Tuesday, Oct. 4, WRBB’s Annika Eske tabled in the library quad and heard from Huskies on childhood memories, first Halloweens, the controversial idea of a Halloween genre (?!), and more. Coffee cup in hand, Nupur was the first person to […]

    The Orielles makes space monotonous and unexciting on ‘Disco Volador’

    The Orielles Disco Volador Heavenly. · February 28, 2020 The album, Disco Volador by British group The Orielles is a galactic album that sends its listeners into space with no way of returning home. Its strengths lie in the two songs, “Space Samba” and “Bobbi’s Second World;” both released as singles before the album. According […]

    WRBB’s Top Ten Albums of 2019

    Was 2019 a good year? That question is harder to answer than it seems. Some amazing music came out (see below), some great movies, and even some great TV shows. But history shows that when the world’s creative output is high (and more importantly, good), the world itself is in a sad state of affairs. […]

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