New Music Mondays | 04.16.18

    Whether you’re running the marathon or watching from the sidelines, we’ve got the newest tracks for you on this Marathon Monday  #NMM ‘Fists of Fury’ – Kamasi Washington “Contemporary Jazz poster boy, Kamasi Washington just dropped two singles. The one I’m focusing on is ‘Fists of Fury’ which features an incredibly funky groove similar to tracks […]

    New Music Mondays | 04.09.18

    Your favorite Monday playlist is here with all the best in new music #NMM ‘Face Up’ – Washed Out “The newest song in this year’s Adult Swim Singles series is from chillwave extraordinaire, Washed Out. ‘Face Up’ is a slow-burner filled with sweeping synths and jittery, vintage 80s percussion. It sounds like a leftover from Toro […]

    New Music Mondays | 04.02.18

    Joke’s over, it’s Monday and we’ve got the latest in new music #NMM ‘OKRA’ – Tyler, the Creator “‘OKRA’ is a new “throwaway song” from hip-hop icon, Tyler, the Creator. An easy contender for banger of the year, the instrumental is all bass with hints of tense piano and strings as well as whining synths here […]

    New Music Mondays | 03.26.18

    Yep you know the drill, it’s Monday and we’ve got you covered with all the best in new music #NMM ‘(Fuck A) Silver Lining‘ – Panic! At the Disco “We’ve mourned the Death of A Bachelor and now it’s time to Pray for the Wicked. ‘(Fuck A) Silver Lining’ is one of two singles released by […]

    New Music Mondays | 03.19.18

    Sit back and nurse that St. Patricks Day hangover with these new tracks #NMM ‘Does This Ski Mask Make Me Look Fat?‘ – JPEGMAFIA “Baltimore rapper and producer JPEGMAFIA blew up this January with his fantastically weird album Veteran, and now he’s back with a brand new track that’s just as off-the-wall. ‘Does This Ski Mask […]

    New Music Mondays | 03.12.18

    Spring Break might be dead and gone but New Music Monday’s will never leave you  #NMM ‘Wide Awake‘ – Parquet Courts “In a post-Human Performance world, Parquet Courts have established themselves as a definitive punk act in the indiesphere, if not bonafide big wigs in general. After seeing success with more off-brand songs like ‘Berlin Got […]

    New Music Mondays | 03.05.18

    Kick back, relax, and enjoy the newest singles below while you’re on Spring Break  #NMM ‘Antidote’ – Preoccupations “Preoccupations are one of the most vibrant post-punk outfits playing music today, and their new single “Antidote” only cements that reputation. Back when they were still releasing music as Viet Cong, (a name they wisely dropped after one […]

    New Music Mondays | 02.26.18

    Midterms got you down? Cheer up, we have a ton of music just for you #NMM ‘Nameless, Faceless’ – Courtney Barnett “She’s back! Courtney Barnett, Australia’s queen of indie rock, returns with a brutal takedown of armchair misogynists, served with a generous helping of her trademark wit and dry humor. It seems straightforward at first: […]

    New Music Mondays | 02.19.18

    We’ve got you covered this Monday with some of the newest tracks!  #NMM ‘Thought Contagion‘ – Muse “Although we don’t get much of Matt Bellamy’s wailing falsetto on “Thought Contagion”, we do get those classic heavy-hitting, booming Muse drums, and plenty of Bellamy’s intense vibrato. The song has dystopian, political themes (I mean, it is […]

    New Music Mondays | 02.12.18

    Yep it’s Monday, jam out with the newest tunes hand-picked by our Media Team  #NMM ‘Opps’ – Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, Yugen Blakrock “Coming from the star-studded Black Panther soundtrack, ‘Opps’ is a clear standout in a sea of hits. Kendrick Lamar and Vince Staples, arguably two of the most technically skilled MCs in hip-hop at […]

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