Community Connections #2: November

On November 3rd, WRBB’s Ben Hussey and Annika Eske asked passersby in the Curry Student Center, “If you could have a conversation with one artist, who would it be?” People would often need a good minute before answering the question. It’s a tough one. Nonetheless, we heard some great answers, from Céline Dion to Yves […]

Addicted to punk: an overview of L.A.’s hardcore, punk rock scene

Featuring an interview with L.A.-based punk band Dead End Los Angeles is quite an exciting city. Much of America’s popular culture is centered around it in places like Hollywood, and it’s not uncommon to run into some of the biggest stars in the world on the streets. However, nestled into the bar and backyard show […]

Bladee is actually good.

When I first heard Bladee, I laughed. He was trash. How could anyone want to listen to this random Swedish guy’s low-effort, autotune-heavy, weak excuse for music? I was completely against the idea of listening to “Be Nice 2 Me” again, much less becoming a “drainer.” Yet, on one late night last year, I was […]

Community Connections #1: October

Community Connections is a brand-new column, dedicated to thoughts and stories related to music. On Tuesday, Oct. 4, WRBB’s Annika Eske tabled in the library quad and heard from Huskies on childhood memories, first Halloweens, the controversial idea of a Halloween genre (?!), and more. Coffee cup in hand, Nupur was the first person to […]

From the U.K. With Love

My most memorable experience during my semester abroad in London was undoubtedly attending the surprise album release party of Crawler put on by the band IDLES. After by chance discovering the Instagram post announcing the concert and managing to grab a ticket in the ten minutes before they sold out, I walked to the rather […]

Meet the Friendsgiving Show Lineup: Horse Jumper of Love

WRBB’s Friendsgiving brings local slowcore favorites Horse Jumper of Love to Afterhours on Monday, November 22! Get to know the band before the show, and we’ll see you there. Horse Jumper of Love has risen through the ranks of the Boston house show scene over the years to become the heart of slowcore rock. They’re […]

WRBB’s Top Ten Albums of 2019

Was 2019 a good year? That question is harder to answer than it seems. Some amazing music came out (see below), some great movies, and even some great TV shows. But history shows that when the world’s creative output is high (and more importantly, good), the world itself is in a sad state of affairs. […]

Nashville make room – The Highwomen are coming through

The Highwomen have presented country music with a chance to change for the better instead of blend into oblivion. What constitutes a good country song? The bar seems to be getting lower and lower. Earlier this year, Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country” dominated the charts upon its release. However, the song itself delivers no claims or […]

‘Illmatic’ turns 25

Nas Illmatic  Columbia Records · April 19, 1994 In 1994, hip-hop was beginning to gradually move away from its fundamental roots dating back to the 1970’s in New York City.  The West Coast and G-Funk, popularized by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, were dominating airwaves all over the country. Alternative, experimental forms of the genre pioneered […]

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