Sunaana Festival Coverage Kicks Off This Weekend!

As the second annual Sunaana Music and Beer festival kicks off, WRBB’s own Madi Murphy will be there to get all the coverage. Learn more about this festival below and check back this weekend for exclusive content! Hey guys, this is Madi Murphy from WRBB and I’ll be covering the Sunaana Music and Beer Festival […]

Bon Iver’s ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ turns 10

Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago Jagjaguwar · February 2008   For Emma, Forever Ago is the self-released premier album of singer-songwriter Justin Vernon from 2007. After an unfortunate encounter with mononucleosis, a liver infection and a heart wrenching break up, Vernon left his hometown to spend some alone time at a hunting cabin in Eue Claire, Wisconsin. […]

MGMT’s ‘Oracular Spectacular’ turns 10

MGMT Oracular Spectacular Columbia · January 22, 2008   Has it really been 10 years since my older brother drove my sister and I to Blockbuster listening to MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular for the first time? Surely, it feels as if it has been even longer, since I could not just pick any movie to stream at the […]

Neutral Milk Hotel’s ‘In the Aeroplane Over the Sea’ turns 20

Neutral Milk Hotel In the Aeroplane Over the Sea Merge Records · February 10, 1998   Neutral Milk Hotel released their second album, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, twenty years ago on February 10, 1998. Although no one really listened to or even liked it at that much at first, it quickly become the most important […]

Vampire Weekend’s Debut Self-Titled Album Turns 10

Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend XL · January 29, 2008   “It’s the tenth anniversary of this initial dance fest, so let’s look back to the beginning of the indie pioneers’ journey.”   Vampire Weekend is a mood: In my (hipster) friend’s dorm room, blasting ‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,’ and having a dance fest is the vibe […]

Get real, Grammys.

After another disappointing Grammys show, it’s time for a change. 2018 was supposed to be the year the Grammys and the Recording Academy finally got their act together. They didn’t. When the list of nominees was first released, music lovers everywhere praised the much-needed diversity after last year’s #GrammysSoWhite trainwreck. For the first time since […]

Alice Glass, Believing Women, and Holding Abusers Accountable

In the midst of countless abuse allegations against men in Hollywood, statements from women like Alice Glass prove that it’s not just the film industry that has a long way to go toward creating a safe environment for women. When I read Alice Glass’s statement on former Crystal Castles partner Ethan Kath for the first […]

He Was An American Icon: Why Tom Petty Matters

In honor of the late rocker, here’s a rundown of just some of the songs that cements Petty as one of music’s greatest storytellers. There’s no sugarcoating this one: The music world lost an irreplaceable talent last Monday. After spending an entire day fighting for his life, Tom Petty, legendary songwriter and one of rock’s […]

The East Coast heats up in preparation for Boston Calling

Boston Calling is just around the corner, and everyone in the greater Boston area is warming up for a hot and sweaty festival weekend. Luckily, here at WRBB we had the privilege of covering the fest last year back when it was in the concrete playground that is the Government Center. This year, however, the […]

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