Q&A: Tamino looks ahead at his solo North American tour

Tamino’s spellbinding music combines European and Arabic folk traditions into novel creations. As he embarks on a solo tour of Canada and the USA, WRBB’s Julia Sullivan caught up with him to talk Patti Smith, guitars, and favorite hometown spots. Tamino’s sophomore album, Sahar, is due September 23. In the meantime, you can catch Tamino […]

Q&A: Sammy Rae sits down for a post-show interview

Sammy Rae, frontwoman of the jazz-pop band Sammy Rae & The Friends, is known for her infectiously positive energy and joyful presence on stage. Following her March 27 show at the Royale, WRBB’s Chloe Cohen sat down with her to chat about her inspiration and influences. […]

Q&A: LØLØ talks touring, TikTok, and Taylor Swift

LØLØ, a burgeoning star in the indie pop-punk scene, sat down to talk with WRBB’s Lexi Anderson about touring, inspiration, TikTok, and Taylor Swift. Read the full conversation below. Lexi Anderson: How have you found touring? Do you have a favorite city that you’ve visited? LØLØ: Touring has been awesome. I didn’t know what to […]

Q&A: Jesse Liam Gauthier discusses his love of music and performance

Jesse Liam Gauthier is a professional singer/songwriter based in Rhode Island. His father, Jack Gauthier, is a Grammy-nominated music engineer. Together, the two musicians create a lively and communal atmosphere through their father-son harmonies. On tour in New England, they are also joined by drummer Michael DeQuattro, a Boston Conservatory alumnus. Catch the Jesse Liam […]

Q&A: Berklee singer-songwriter Katie Lynne Sharbaugh offers a behind-the-scenes look at her latest project

Q&A: Katie Lynne Sharbaugh Katie Lynne Sharbaugh is a Philadelphia-born singer-songwriter and soon-to-be Berklee graduate. WRBB’s Fenner Dreyfuss-Wells caught up with her to chat about songwriting, plans for the future, and the process of creating her latest project. The debut single “Nothing Left To Lose,” from her forthcoming two-part project Little Blue Beetle, is out […]

Q&A: Molly Burch dissects her music, live performances, and life in Austin

Q&A: Molly Burch Molly Burch’s voice is the first thing you’ll notice about her. It has been described as “smoky” and “effortless,” which is fitting for a professionally trained jazz singer. But Burch’s talent goes far beyond her voice. She has a knack for conveying gorgeously written lyrics of love and life, of happiness and […]

Q&A with Talos

WRBB’s Benjamin Silvers caught up with Talos before his show. Read what he had to say! Eoin French, aka Talos, is making a name for himself on an international scale. He and his band traveled to China, back home to Ireland, and here to the States all within a week, ending up at Great Scott […]

Q&A with Tunde Olaniran

WRBB’s Julia Spada caught up with Flint’s very own Tunde Olaniran. Here’s what they had to say. See Tunde perform at Cafe 939 on Monday, May 13! For our listeners who aren’t super familiar with your work could you give us a overview of your music and your sound? Tunde: I’m a performing artist and […]

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