Q&A with Carol

Get to know 21-year-old indie folk artist behind the enchanting new EP, Softest Destroyer. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With a sound that’s intimate and haunting all at once, 21-year-old Carolyn Flaherty, known simply as Carol, has quickly established herself as one of the most exciting new artists in the Boston music scene. In 2018, Carol made her official […]

Q&A with Habibi’s Lenaya “Lenny” Lynch

WRBB’s Joey Molloy caught up with Lenaya “Lenny” Lynch of Habibi to talk about Detroit, eclectic influences, lazy music journalism, and Habibi’s imminent comeback. Be sure to check them out at Great Scott on April 16! [Lynch, noticing the area code of my phone number] Are you from Livonia, Michigan? Yes, I’m from right around […]

Q&A with Juice’s Ben Stevens and Christian Rose

WRBB’s Caitlyn Furler caught up with Juice members Ben Stevens and Christian Rose to talk about their college days, return to Boston and the end of their tour. Be sure to check them out at Brighton Music Hall on April 12th! You guys are coming to Boston next week, are you excited to play Brighton, […]

Q&A with Naked Giants

WRBB’s Paige Ardill caught up with Gianni Aiello, Henry LaVallee, and Grant Mullen of Naked Giants to talk about inspiration, interdisciplinary creativity, and their tour with Car Seat Headrest. Though Henry and Grant were childhood friends, I understand that the three of you met at Battle Of The Bands. How did that connection prompt the […]

Q&A with Empress Of

WRBB’s Rachel Saywitz chatted with Lorely Rodriguez, known by her moniker Empress Of, ahead of her show at Brighton Music Hall on February 24, 2019. Get tickets here. Your headlining tour is starting in just a few days. How are you feeling about it? I’m really excited and really nervous. I haven’t been on tour […]

Q&A with Panda Bear

WRBB’s Spencer LaChance caught up with Noah Lennox, co-founding member of Animal Collective currently performing under his moniker Panda Bear, about his new album Buoys and his upcoming tour. Panda Bear is coming to Paradise Rock Club on February 12. Get tickets here. Obviously, your new album, Buoys is venturing into new musical territory from your […]

Q&A with El Ten Eleven

WRBB’s Paige Ardill caught up with Kristian Dunn of the Los Angeles-based band El Ten Eleven to talk about storytelling, experimentation, and their new album Banker’s Hill. Get tickets to their show at the Sinclair on February 9, 2019! What does music mean to you? Music is something that stirs the soul, if there is […]

Q&A with The End of the Ocean

WRBB’s Paige Stern chatted with Kevin Shannon, Trish Chisholm, and Tara Mayer of The End of the Ocean about their new album -aire, their love of Paprika Pringles, and tour so far. Get tickets for their show today, January 25th. How and when did the band originally come together? Kevin Shannon: The band formed almost a […]

Q&A with joan

WRBB’s Juliette Paige chatted with Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford of joan before they hit the road with half•alive on tour. Get tickets! Congrats on releasing your first EP, portra, last year and for this upcoming tour with half•alive! I came across your music a few months ago and I remember thinking “wow, these guys […]

Q&A with Hop Along

WRBB’s Kailey Williams caught up with Mark Quinlan of Hop Along ahead of their show at Paradise Rock Club tomorrow, December 29. Get tickets! Do you have a band, song, or album that’s been a fixture of your music listening this year? The Kurt Vile record Bottle It In. I’ve been playing that on repeat this […]

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