Q&A with Matt and Kim (+ Photos)

WRBB’s Juliette Paige got a chance to chat with Matt from Matt and Kim to discuss the exploration of a new sound on their latest album, Almost Everyday. Juliette: Congratulations on the soon-to-be released album, Almost Everyday, and for hitting the road again! What’s it like being on tour again? Matt: It is so good. […]

Q&A with Men I Trust

WRBB’s Dahlia Bailey and Natalie Scott caught up with Dragos and Emma from indie-dance band Men I Trust, before their performance at The Middle East to discuss songwriting, reality, Taco Bell’s best vegetarian options, and plans for the future. Dahlia: You guys make it a point to show that you are DIY. How is being […]

Palm Exclusive Interview and Photos @ NxNU

WRBB’s Paige Ardill had the chance to sit down with Philadelphia band Palm before their performance at NxNU to talk about jam bands, The Beach Boys and the confusing nature of backwards rock. Paige Ardill: How did you all meet? Eve Alpert: We met at Bard college in Upstate New York and formed there. There […]

Horse Jumper of Love Exclusive Interview and Photos @ NxNU

WRBB’s Dominic Yamarone got a chance to chat with Dimitri Giannopoulos from Horse Jumper of Love about house shows just before they played at NxNU. Dominic Yamarone: You guys have been in the Boston music scene for a while and I’m sure a lot of our readers are curious about is how you got your start […]

Mauno Exclusive Interview and Photos @ NxNU

WRBB’s Craig Short got a chance to have some real talk with Mauno after their set at NxNU. Read on for their thoughts on hot dogs, Chad VanGaalen, the DIY scene in Halifax, and much more… Craig: So I’ve heard that you’re named after someone’s grandfather? What’s the scoop there? Who was grandpa Mauno? Eliza: Grandpa […]

Q&A with The Suffers

WRBB’s Kara Kokinos got a chance to talk to Adam from The Suffers before their show on April 24th at The Sinclair! Take a listen below.   [mixcloud width=800% height=120 hide_cover=1]       Want more of The Suffers? Check out their website and make sure to grab a ticket to their show on April […]

Q&A with Fleece

WRBB’s Paige Ardill got a chance to speak with Matt and Ethan from Montreal based indie-rock band Fleece about their two hit albums and the famous Alt-J video Paige: Hey guys, Paige Ardill here from WRBB 104.9 FM, how are you doing today? Matt: Vundabar! We’re a bit tired, we’ve been on the road for about five […]

Q&A with Palehound

On March 16th, WRBB’s Clio Fleece and Laura Shrago got a chance to chat with Larz (bass) and Ellen (leader, vocals, guitar) of local band Palehound before their sold-out show at The Sinclair. This was Palehound’s first time headlining at their hometown venue. Laura Shrago: So you finished a tour recently, how did it go? […]

Q&A with Kasador

WRBB’s Paige Ardill caught up with Will Hunter of Kasador, an up and coming indie rock band from Kingston, Ontario, before their performance at The Middle East. Hey guys, Paige Ardill here at WRBB 104.9 here with Kasador’s Will Hunter, how are you doing today? Will Hunter: I’m very well, we’re all a little tired, […]

Exclusive Interviews with Sunaana Artists

During this weekend’s Sunaana Music and Beer festival, Madi Murphy got to sit down with Axel Flóvent, Esben Rørnes of Mack Mikrobryggeri, Jófríður Ákadóttir of JFDR, and Hafsteinn Þráinsson of CeaseTone. Get the inside scoop here!   Axel Flóvent “I lived with Axel in Reykjavik when I went to Iceland for my first co-op in January 2016. […]

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