Q&A with Alvvays

WRBB caught up with Molly Rankin, frontwoman of Toronto stalwarts Alvvays, before their show at Paradise Rock Club to discuss hermitry, producing on the fly, and why you should be eating pizza while spinning their new record.  [three_fourth]Starting the Alvvays discography off with an album so critically acclaimed must have been exciting — and such […]

Q&A with Oddisee

  Kara Kokinos of WRBB had the privilege to sit down with Oddisee at Block Party this past week to discuss TJ’s best snacks, spooky funeral homes, and stick n’ poke tats. [one_fourth] Listen to Oddisee’s most recent album, The Iceberg, here: [/one_fourth] [three_fourth] If you had to get a stick n poke right now what would […]

Q&A with Slow Dancer

Australian-native multi-instrumentalist Simon Okely of Slow Dancer talked with Christian Triunfo of WRBB about his musical influences, the future of his music, and Tesla’s. Catch Slow Dancer open up for Margaret Glaspy at The Sinclair THIS THURSDAY, September 21, 2017. Tickets on sale here. [one_fourth] Listen to Slow Dancer’s In A Mood here: [/one_fourth] [three_fourth] What are […]

Q&A with CADO

From a small suburban Massachusetts town to Shanghai, Matt Mckeen of CADO has expanded his musical talents across the world. 22 year-old Mckeen recently graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, where he studied International Maritime Business. During his undergraduate career, he was able to perform across the U.S. in major cities like Boston, New York, Providence and Los Angeles. This fall, he is once […]

Q&A with Tennis

Tennis is Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, a husband and wife songwriting duo from Colorado. Their fourth album, Yours Conditionally, is out now on Mutually Detrimental, featuring a return to writing while living on a small boat. The release shows a new direction for the band, embracing the identity of the modern woman. WRBB had the […]

Q&A with Allah-Las

WRBB caught up with Miles Michaud of Allah-Las to chat about their unique sound, Mediterranean diets, and the zen of Bob Ross videos. Calico Review is out now via Kemado Records and Mexican Summer. Tanvi: What is your creative process like? How does your music all come together? Miles Michaud: Depends; different songs have different approaches. […]

Q&A(gain) with Frankie Cosmos

WRBB caught up with Greta Kline and co. of Frankie Cosmos to talk about the success of their latest release, touring goals, and t-shirt ideas. Next Thing is out now via Bayonet. First of all, you guys did an interview with WRBB a couple months ago…I came to the show and talked to you about it—so thanks […]

Q&A with Lady Lamb

Aly Spaltro, better known under her stage name of Lady Lamb, takes some time to talk to Maddie Harris about her new record, Tender Warriors Club, as well as her Living Room Tour that comes to The Sinclair (Cambridge, MA) on February 10th. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to […]

Q&A with Against The Current

After a detour to perform at Northeastern’s Afterhours, Against The Current vocalist Chrissy Costanza met up with WRBB 104.9 FM’s Rachel Lipson during the tour of their brand new album, In Our Bones, for a chat about the band’s current position and fierce femininity in the music world. So you guys were just in the […]

Q&A with Half Waif

In a candid interview, Nandi Rose Plunkett talks to Kara Kokinos about her musical journey as Half Waif, as well as her new EP, form/a, out February 24th via Cascine. Catch Half Waif playing tomorrow, 1/12, at Great Scott in Allston! There’s a notable excitement that prefaces the conversation to follow; Half Waif has just […]

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