New Music Mondays | 11.13.17

Bundle up with some cozy tunes. #NMM ‘Jamie’s Sin’ – Night Lovell “Night Lovell is a young rapper from Ottawa, Canada. You could call him a Soundcloud rapper; I discovered him on the platform. However, his sound is quieter, darker, and more spacey than a lot of the music from Soundcloud’s chart-toppers; he fits better […]

New Music Mondays | 10.30.17

Halloween-Eve Jamz. #NMM ‘So Cool’ – Dounia “I’ve been waiting for Dounia to drop an official release for so dang long, and it has finally paid off. The model-turned-singer’s baddie status is higher than ever with her album Intro To. All of the new material features sleek production that doesn’t do anything particularly new or […]

New Music Mondays | 9.25.17

Get back into the swing ‘o things with some funky fresh tunes! Check out WRBB’s #NMM below. ‘Good Old Days’ feat. Kesha – Macklemore “If you’re like me, you have a sort of morbid curiosity every time Macklemore releases new music. You want to know if he’s stumbled upon another hit like ‘Thrift Shop’ or […]

Listen: WRBB’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist

If you are feeling particularly attacked at the prospect of today’s novelty, fear not! The WRBB E-Board has hand curated a wonderful playlist to soundtrack your solitude as you fuel your hatred for Valentine’s Day along with the rest of us. *If you need further counseling, WRBB Media Team meetings are on Wednesday’s at 7pm […]


Y’all be desperate for summer tunez?! WRBB’s got you covered. Check out our new summer playlist hitting you in the face this SATURDAY (6/18)! From Kanye to Bright Eyes to more Kanye, you’ll definitely find something to jiggle to. This playlist is so lit, it requires SPF 104.9 (get it? LOL!!!!) Check out our Top […]

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