IRC Podcast

The IRC Podcast is Northeastern’s International Relations Council Podcast. As the Model U.N. organization on campus, podcasts will contain relevant international news and significant historical background information.

IRC Podcast Ep. 3 – Middle East Perspectives: Qatar and the Gulf Crisis

In this episode of the International Relations Council Podcast, special guest Akshat Dhankher, the new President of the IRC, is interviewed by Shane Godek and Arief bin Johan Alimin on the current Gulf Crisis, based on Akshat’s recent fellowship in Qatar. The discussion covers the geopolitical contexts behind the blockade by Saudi Arabia and allies, […]

The IRC Podcast Ep. 2 – Climate Change: A Foreign Policy Perspective

In this episode of the International Relations Club Podcast Keyon Rostamnezhad, VP Finance of the IRC, and Arief bin Johan Alimin, EVP of the IRC, discuss the history and international politics of climate change. Later, the two are joined by Northeastern Professor Laura Kuhl to speak about her research: climate adaptation and resilience in developing […]

The IRC Podcast Ep. 1 – NATO

In this premiere episode of the IRC Podcast, Shane Godek, president of the IRC at Northeastern, and Alena Zafonte, Vice President of Events, discusses NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and its history with political science professor Julie Garey. […]

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