Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter is a Mental Health podcast hosted by students who are passionate about mental health awareness. We are not trained psychologists or counselors, but rather advocates for better mental health resources. Through the podcast, we aim to encourage conversation around mental health and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. Mental Health Matters, let’s talk about it.

Mind Over Matter Ep 6 – Are You Okay?

In this episode, Maris and Shamile discuss how to support your loved ones. Suggested by one of our listeners, figuring out how to help you care about can be very difficult. Through personal stories, our hosts give tips on how to check in with a friend! […]

Mind Over Matter Ep. 2 – Loneliness

Our host Maris and Shamile are joined by special guest, Kurt Morris. Kurt is a speaker and writer on the subject of belonging, loneliness, and mental health. You can learn more information about Kurt and his work by visiting his website, kurtmorris.net […]

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Check back at 11am on 11/15 for the first episode of Mind Over Matter […]

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