360 Huntington

360 Huntington brings you the latest insights into the culture of Northeastern and our surrounding communities. Want to hear from the people who make our community vibrant, diverse, and interesting? Then 360 Huntington is the show for you.


360 Huntington – Nisaa Pender

Podcast team member Blen Wondimu talks with poet Nisaa Pender about her poetry, and the work she’s done in the larger community as a whole.

360 Huntington – Drag and The Machine

[This episode contains explicit language] WRBB Podcast Correspondent Nick Scipione sits down with Miranda, a drag queen at the local Boston club “The Machine.”

360 Huntington – 333 Salon & Barbershop

In this episode of 360 Huntington, Caleb speaks to hair-stylist and local business owner Michael Baldino about his experiences cutting hair and his shop “333 Salon & Barbershop”.

360 Huntington – The Room & Coolidge Corner Theater

In this return episode of 360 Huntington, Noah Sabadish discusses the infamous cult classic movie The Room and the experience of seeing it at a midnight showing at Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline.

360 Huntington – Museum of the NCAAA & Cheap Eats in Boston

In this episode of 360 Huntington, Yazmine Lomax interviews Edmund Barry Gaither, who has been Director and Curator of the Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists (NCAAA), and Special Consultant at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston since 1969. Additionally, Cole Albert speaks to Northeastern student Allie Kuo about cheap places to grab a bite in Boston.

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