Black In Boston

Hosted by graduate students Terrence Johnson and Brandi Griffin. “A black woman and a black queer man from the south give our perspective on pursuing advanced degrees, moving away from home, and life in a new space. We plan to talk about a wide variety of topics and issues from what’s in the news to what’s happening in pop culture from our perspective, backed by research and fact. We plan to explore Boston and experience the city in its authenticity for its art, culture, and food as a way to build community and make a new home.


Black in Boston Ep. 5 – Mental Health

This week on Black in Boston, Brandi and Terrence discuss mental health and the stigmas surrounding the topic in the African American community, featuring fellow student, Nia Jones.

Black in Boston Ep. 4 – New Year, New Goals

Brandi and Terrence discuss some of the changes that come after their first semesters at Northeastern, some of their personal goals, and some advice on what it means to manage being a millineal.

Black in Boston Ep. 2 – Trans Rights

In this episode of Black in Boston, hosts Brandi G and and Terrence J discuss Transgender Rights with a Northeastern University journalism student.

Black in Boston – Ep. 1

In this premiere episode, hosts Brandi G and and Terrence J introduce themselves and their backgrounds, and talk about the future of Black in Boston as a podcast series.

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