Brain Waves is WRBB’s academic podcast. Content will be academic in nature and may include interviews with professors and students about their research or other academic subjects. We believe that learning doesn’t have to just take place in the classroom – it can also happen over the airwaves! Whatever your major or other academic interest, Brain Waves is sure to deliver interesting and exciting new things to learn.


Brain Waves – Çatalhöyük

In this return episode of Brain Waves, Mary Morris Evans discusses the intriguing significance of the ancient egalitarian society, Çatalhöyük.

Brain Waves – Game Design & History of Labor Unions

In this episode of Brain Waves, Jake Willis interviews Professor Celia Pearce about game design at Northeastern and Gatsby Smith interviews PhD student Simon Purdue about the influence of labor unions throughout the history of the United States.

Brain Waves – Entreupenurship & 1940’s Burma

In this debut episode of Brain Waves, Jake Willis interviews Madison Mitteness, head of the Entrepreneur’s Club at Northeastern, and Gatsby Smith interviews history professor Matthew Bowser about the Burmese Campaign of WWII. They discuss the entrepreneurship program, student created businesses, and how anyone can turn a great idea into a major company; Gatsby discusses a unique perspective on how Burma was impacted by WWII.

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