Screen Time

Screen Time is created by Rob Pereira and Joy Gu, two Boston college students who love digging deeper into the best TV, movies, and anime out there. If you love learning about and appreciating what screen media has to offer, then join us every week for fresh analysis.


Screen Time – Avatar: the Last Airbender + The Legend of Korra

Welcome to Screen Time. This episode is about one the greatest kids show of all time: Avatar, and its over-hated follow up, Legend of Korra. Tune in for an analysis of the shows’ themes of war, inequality, and mental health; who Rob thinks is the REAL protagonist of Avatar; why being a “kids show” makes them better; and which ATLA girl is the hottest (in our humble opinions).

Screen Time – The Matrix Universe

In today’s episode, Rob and Joy explore The Matrix series, including the latest addition, The Matrix: Resurrections. Tune in for some interesting thematic analysis and their thoughts on the series as a whole. If you just wanna see Keanu Reeves’ ass, then feel free to skip this episode and watch the second movie.

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