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Throwback: 25 years on, Either/Or is still perfect beautiful misery

Elliott Smith Either/Or Kill Rock Stars · February 25, 1997 It’s been 25 years since the untimely passing of singer songwriter legend Elliott Smith, and while not necessarily a household name, Smith’s stamp upon the music scene has endured long beyond his years. Whether it be heard within the playlist of a coffee shop, or […]

Back 2 Life is the weak link in this year’s chain of Drain Gang releases

Thaiboy Digital Back 2 Life YEAR0001 · November 18, 2022 It’s been a busy year for Swedish rap collective Drain Gang, having previously produced and released two albums to general critical acclaim. Thaiboy Digital was the last to have released a major project thus far in 2022, and now that it’s released, it’s obvious that […]

Weyes Blood creates a musical kaleidoscope of emotions in her latest

Weyes Blood And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow Sub Pop · November 18, 2022 Natalie Mering’s fifth studio album And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow is an ethereal musical piece of work that sits right in the eye of the hurricane. The album represents the second panel in what singer/songwriter Natalie Mering, better known as […]

Lord forgive me, for I have re-listened to Okay Kaya’s SAP

Okay Kaya SAP Jagjaguwar · November 4, 2022 Kaya Wilkins, known as Okay Kaya, has just released her third album SAP. In simple terms, Wilkins covers a lot in the span of just fifteen songs. Playing protagonist in each track, Wilkins morphs from a sentient dumpling on “Dep. Chamber,” to a lively fitness instructor on […]

Drake overshadows 21 Savage on Her Loss

Drake & 21 Savage Her Loss OVO Sound, Republic Records, & Slaughter Gang · November 4, 2022 Before I listened to the album for the first time, I saw a tweet that read: “This album feels like 79% Drake, 21% Savage.” Although it was a bit exaggerated (the ratio is more like 65%-35%) Her Loss […]

Olivia Barton makes space to try with This is a Good Sign

Olivia Barton This is a Good Sign Snack Shack Tracks · November 4, 2022 Olivia Barton is an indie folk singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida, now based in Boston after graduating from Berklee College of Music. This is a Good Sign is her sophomore album, in which she joins forces with producers Collin Pastore and Jake […]

Deadharrie releases another solid record this year in Florida

Deadharrie Florida Allicin Records · November 8, 2022 Deadharrie’s new record Florida comes right off the tails of the release of their third album earlier this year, Summoning. Upon initial listen, it became apparent that Summoning was not only one of the most sonically intriguing indie rock records to release this year, but had some […]

Joji broke my heart into Smithereens

Joji Smithereens 88rising and Warner Records · November 4, 2022 Japanese singer-songwriter Joji (also known as Pink Guy, Filthy Frank, or just George Miller) released his third studio album Smithereens (stylized SMITHEREENS). Though similar to the rest of his Joji-era discography, Smithereens has the specific vibe of a late-night breakup conversation. This album tackles themes […]

Cavetown’s worm food is a breakthrough 

Cavetown worm food Sire Records · November 4, 2022 In 2017, Cavetown aired his first livestream on Youtube. Amongst a bright lava lamp on his nightstand and posters behind him on the wall, he answered questions and performed songs for his fans. “Hello? Is this working?” the singer-songwriter-producer asked, looking for a response in the […]

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