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Theo Katzman drives it out of the park

Theo Katzman Be The Wheel 10 Good Songs · March 10, 2023 Opening an album with the title track is a bold move, a statement that you’ll start strong and only get better. For his fourth studio album, Theo Katzman takes the menagerie of ballads and rock classics he’s known for, and refines them into […]

Kali Uchis teaches us how to love on Red Moon in Venus

Geffen Records · March 3, 2023 Kali Uchis is back and better than ever with her third studio album Red Moon in Venus. Sticking to her signature ethereal, yet soulful sound, she doesn’t disappoint. The Colombian-American artist known for her genre-bending tracks and multicultural influence focuses on the intricacies of love. While discussing femininity and […]

Yo La Tengo does indeed still have it

Yo La Tengo This Stupid World Matador · February 10th, 2023 In their 17th studio album, Yo La Tengo comes back tearing through the noise with songs guaranteed to leave you in a trance. From top to bottom, the New Jersey indie rock band manages to create an atmosphere for the listener to disappear in. […]

Cracker Island’s harrowing soundscapes lack innovation

Gorillaz Cracker Island Parlophone Records · February 24, 2023 Gorillaz have a reputation of bending the rules of genre and sound within music, creating their own sound with their cult classic Gorillaz, and creating a critically acclaimed masterpiece Demon Days. The group is a self-proclaimed virtual band that is made up of cartoon character alter […]

Winkler hits the ground running with their debut

Winkler For You, Now Barbersound · February 17, 2023 Boston local bedroom rock group Winkler are showing a lot of promise with their debut album, For You, Now. The band, which had been gaining traction with a steady release of singles over the past few years (most notably 2022’s “Mona”), have finally released their first […]

Caroline Polachek is an immovable object

Caroline Polachek Desire, I Want To Turn Into You Perpetual Novice · February 14, 2023 God, I hate the winter. Irrefutably, Caroline Polachek’s fourth studio album; Desire, I Want To Turn Into You is the only good thing to happen this winter. Like a little Valentine’s gift, Caroline Polachek soothed our broken hearts this February […]

Kelela wins over the dance floor with new album Raven

Kelela Raven Warp Records · February 10, 2023 With the popularity of rave culture re-emerging since its heyday, new viral dance hits have also gone mainstream. To find the hidden gems, some nightlife enthusiasts embrace spaces that replay the eclectic, avant-garde tracks celebrating identity. At the moment, recent success from Ethiopian-American singer-songwriter, Kelela, highlights the […]

Emo is back! Paramore returns to their post-punk roots with This Is Why

Paramore This is Why Atlantic Records · February 10, 2023 Paramore released their first album since 2017, and it is different from their last pop escapade, After Laughter. The Grammy award-winning emo rock band consists of lead singer Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York, and drummer Zac Farro. During the last half-decade, the band took a […]

Samia fails to find her voice as Honey rings hollow

Samia Honey Grand Jury Music · January 27, 2023 In her second studio album, Honey, Samia tries to pull away from the “sad girl” aesthetic to dig deeper into her style and illustrate bittersweet emotions in a more complicated way. However, this attempted departure falls short. Honey feels like Samia leaned into the wrong parts […]

Ava Max falls short in her follow-up Diamonds & Dancefloors

Ava Max Diamonds & Dancefloors Atlantic Records · January 27, 2023 With a very colorful cover, “Sweet but Psycho” singer Ava Max released her sophomore album, Diamonds & Dancefloors. In a March 2022 interview, Max mentioned that she had written the album in 2021 during a time in which she was experiencing personal difficulty. In […]

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