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Arca completes her Kick world with a bang

Arca KICK ii, KicK iii, kick iiii, and kiCK iiiii XL · November 30 – December 3, 2021 Arca, Venezuelan electronic artist and dominator of all things experimental, has recently delivered four new albums to her Kick series. This five-part sequence is Arca’s expression of her identity as a trans-femme queer woman, her philosophies on […]

William Doyle’s Alternate Lands EP is a Languid, Lonely, Beautiful Dream

William Doyle Alternate Lands Tough Love · November 26, 2021 Multi-instrumentalist William Doyle’s Bandcamp page notes that the songs in his newest release were “taken in a direction that resonates with where my head is at currently.” The content of each track makes this clear, evoking an image of the inside of someone’s skull and […]

On I Thought of You, Julie Doiron’s triumphant return is stunted by lackluster instrumentals

Julie Doiron I Thought of You You’ve Changed · November 26, 2021 Next time you inevitably find yourself talking with your favorite northern indie collective, don’t be surprised if the name Julie Doiron unlocks stories of creative sparks and introspective resonance. Perhaps best known for her vocal performances in Mount Eerie’s Lost Wisdom project and […]

Adele is back to unveil everything on 30

Adele 30 Columbia · November 19, 2021 The past five years have proven tumultuous for R&B singer Adele, as her latest album’s primary focus is on her recent divorce with ex-husband Simon Konecki. Despite the subject matter, she reflects less on her past lover and indulges more on the transformations which have taken place within […]

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