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ALBUM REVIEW: Porches – Pool

Porches – Pool (2016) The first time I heard Porches was in July 2013. I was laying on a hallway floor inside a stranger’s house after a basement show, and someone had turned all the lights off and put the band’s record Slow Dance in the Cosmos on the speaker system. I realize that this sounds weird […]

Album Review: Caracal by Disclosure

Caracal by Disclosure For Dance acts like disclosure, the sophomore album is a unique hurdle. After Settle, an album whose runaway success saw the UK-based duo crossing over into mainstream circulation, Disclosure has the unenviable position of making another dent in the pop charts, and proving to skeptical dance music fans that their back-ward looking […]

Album Review: The Reach by Boogie

    From Compton to Long Beach, he is affectionately known as Boogie. The Reach, is his second mixtape which capped off a two year rise in which he established a prominent name in West Coast rap scene and his recognizably high voice matching the likes of Chance the Rapper or Alex Wiley. He wastes […]

Album Review: GO:OD AM by Mac Miller

  “I need to wake up, before one morning I don’t wake up”. Mac Miller was indeed in a dark place the past few years, battling addiction and depression. His past couple projects have all had worrying underlying tones that touched on those subjects. His 2013 album “Watching Movies With the Sound Off” was what […]

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