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Charlie Burg’s energy and charisma entrances Paradise Rock Club

Charlie Burg November 21, 2022 at Paradise Rock Club Outside of Paradise Rock Club, a marquee sign illuminated the name “Charlie Burg” to every passerby on Commonwealth Avenue. But it was far from a one-man show: the performance seemed to be shared between Charlie Burg, his band, and the audience packed on the floor of […]

MGMT electrifies the concerto, live

MGMT 11·11·11 MGMT Records · November 11, 2022 MGMT just released 11·11·11, their live album of an original 45-minute electro-concerto for the Maurizio Cattelan exhibition at the Gugenheim museum in New York City. The album, recorded on Nov 11, 2011, has come out exactly eleven years later. How’s that for commitment? The band was commissioned […]

Photos: Dreamers at Big Night Live

DREAMERS November 12, 2022 at Big Night Live Last week, our talented photographer Lauren Violette headed down to Big Night Live for the Dreamers show! Take a look at some pictures here: […]

The Brazen Youth open for flipturn with a warm and moving set

The Brazen Youth November 6, 2022 at Paradise Rock Club On November 6th, The Brazen Youth performed for a young and enthusiastic crowd as the openers for the band flipturn. Energy was high; the venue was sold out. In spite of those cursed pillars that are always obstructing the view at Paradise Rock Club, the […]

Flo Milli commands the audience at Brighton Music Hall

Flo Milli October 26, 2022 at Brighton Music Hall The energy at Brighton Music Hall before Flo Milli came onstage was unlike anything I’d seen before. The young crowd was eager to see the Alabama-born rapper, and after opener Monaleo’s performance finished, the tension was high. When the lights dimmed and the intro to Flo […]

Duckwrth’s stage presence is riveting

Duckwrth October 13, 2022 at Paradise Rock Club It didn’t take long for Paradise Rock Club to fill to the brim with enthusiastic fans ready for Duckwrth’s performance. A fan beside me raved about how energetic he was once he got onstage; I hoped this would be the case, Before Duckwrth came on, Ben Carr, […]

I got wet at Armand Hammer (and it was amazing)

Armand Hammer October 3, 2022 at Northeastern University If you are anything like me, hearing that Armand Hammer was performing at Northeastern, nonetheless as an opener for Faye Webster, was surprising. I mean, one of their members, Billy Woods, has a song titled “Western Education is Forbidden.” I asked Woods about this after the show, […]

Fontaines D.C. wields raw chaos and passion at House of Blues

Fontaines D.C. October 6, 2022 at House of Blues After having to postpone their April show in Boston, Fontaines D.C. came back to town on October 6th for the final show on this leg of their Skinty Fia tour. The Irish band initially had to cancel their spring show at the Paradise Rock Club due […]

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