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Porches played some music at Paradise Rock Club (and it was good)

Porches April 21, 2022 at Paradise Rock Club Thursday, April 21 was a nice night in Boston, accompanied by a slight breeze. Thinking it was to be a cooler night, I wore a sweatshirt to the Porches show and solidified my status as one of those chumps who holds their sweatshirt the whole time. I […]

Omar Apollo is eclectic and thrilling on Ivory

Omar Apollo Ivory Warner · April 8, 2022 Omar Apollo’s new album Ivory is a sensationally varied mix of songs that showcase his talent and reveal his vulnerable side. Despite the album’s wildly eclectic arrangement, the Indiana artist seamlessly crosses genres throughout the album from bedroom pop to brown eyed funk to Mexican folk. Ivory, […]

Lucky Daye delivers an electrifying set at Royale

Lucky Daye April 19, 2022 at Royale A long line of cold and excited fans, seemingly surrounded by clouds of smoke, wrapped around the side of the Royale, anxiously waiting for the doors to open. Up the elegant stone double staircase inside, a dim lit intimate hall soon filled with a crowd buzzing with anticipation. […]

Wet Leg’s self-titled debut is bland, homogeneous, and uninspired

Wet Leg Wet Leg Domino · April 8, 2022 British indie rock duo Wet Leg have finally released their long-awaited debut after a string of singles that performed exceedingly well during 2021. The most popular of which, “Chaise Longue,” released all the way back in June (several months ahead of the release of this album) […]

Claud exudes pure authenticity at Brighton Music Hall

Claud March 27, 2022 at Brighton Music Hall As a fan with dyed fuchsia hair eagerly reapplied their lipstick in the reflection of a restaurant window neighboring the Brighton Music Hall, there was an undeniable sense of excitement the crowd felt about Claud’s second-to-last show of their first headlining tour. The Super Monster Tour, which will […]

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