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SHOW REVIEW: LVL UP, Florist, Kal Marks, Brittle Brian // Great Scott 2.24.16

On the surface, last Wednesday’s lineup at Great Scott might not seem very cohesive in genre. The show mixed together LVL UP’s ’90s slacker rock, Florist’s electro-tinged bedroom pop, Kal Marks’ sludgy garage punk, and Brittle Brian’s experimental acoustic folk – and if there’s one thing these bands proved, it’s that cohesiveness can be seriously […]

SHOW REVIEW: Pinegrove at Run For Cover Records // 2.3.16

Pinegrove at Run For Cover Records // 2.3.16 Announced only 24 hours beforehand, Pinegrove’s solo acoustic set at Run For Cover Records was guaranteed to be a cozy and intimate experience. Around 50 people squeezed into the office, turned into a welcoming and relaxing space with couches and snacks. Run For Cover has a track […]

STAFF PICKS: Sets of the Semester

Andy Shauf  // September 23, 2015 Brighton Music Hall – Allston, MA Under a purple light, Andy Shauf sat center stage on a stool, legs crossed with only his guitar to accompany him. Allston’s Brighton Music Hall would be the sixth stop on a sporadic tour for the Canadian, which included supporting “dream pop” legends Low through […]

Scenes from…Porches, Eskimeaux & Brittle Brian

Porches w/ Eskimeaux & Brittle Brian afterhours @ Northeastern University // February, 11th Last Thursday our good homies and office mates, Green Line Records, hosted a show at the always disappointing & anger inducing, awkward safe haven known as Northeastern University’s afterhours. However, Green Line had a 3 part trick up their sleeve in order to doop the NU student […]

Julien Baker @ Red Room – Café 939

Julien Baker @ Red Room – Café 939  // January 23, 2016 Coming off perhaps one of the most beautifully confessional albums of the past year, Julian Baker’s debut LP, Sprained Ankle, has established the young songwriter as a brutally honest voice for the emotionally despaired. Despite the fact that most of the album exists within […]

Deer Tick: Narragansett’s 125th Anniversary

Deer Tick: Narragansett’s 125th Anniversary – Lupo’s Providence, RI 1/2 LOUD! Too loud, is how I would describe Deer Tick at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI. Granted, that could partially be the fault of being right up against the stage in front of the giant PA speakers, but that location wasn’t my choice. I […]

Igloofest 2016

On January 16th I had the pleasure of attending the 10th anniversary of Igloofest in Montreal, Quebec. Unlike many other cities, when Winter strikes Montreal, the city doesn’t shut down, it becomes absolutely electric.  Rather than shunning the cold, Québécoise embraces it, reveling in the frigid temperatures and icy conditions. There are constant winter themed events […]

David Bazan – Living Room Tour (Random Living Room in Allston) – 11/15

David Bazan is a bit of a live performance innovator. Deciding that touring in traditional venues, with all the costs associated with that such as paying the band, van to travel, etc., Bazan asks for hosts to hold small acoustic performances in fans’ living rooms. Hence, I pull up to a four-unit townhouse on a […]

Oberhofer @ The Great Scott // Oct. 5th

With an hour before midnight, Brooklyn based Oberhofer took to the dimly lit stage in front of the eager, tightly cramped crowd which we’ve come to expect from shows at the Great Scott. Donning a shirt with various safari prints and a leather jacket, Brad Oberhofer, lead singer, said nothing as a first chord rang […]

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