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Julia Jacklin bares her soul to a packed Somerville crowd

Julia Jacklin  November 9, 2019 at Somerville Theatre It’s a freezing Saturday night and the Somerville Theatre is packed. The smell of popcorn fills the air as people rustle the plastic bags. We settle comfortably in our seats, excitement peppering the room in chatter and the occasional laughter. When the lights go dark and the […]

Carriers, Duncan Fellows and Sun Seekers leave a surreal impact @ Great Scott

Duncan Fellows  November 21, 2019 at The Great Scott The crowd was in for a treat when a three-way alternative rock splash from bands Carriers, Duncan Fellows, and Sun Seekers shook the stage Thursday night.   Fresh out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Carriers ambled onstage first. The band’s dreamy, positive lyrics flooded the venue. Their smooth transitions […]

Ra Ra Riot @ The Sinclair

Ra Ra Riot  November 12, 2019 at The Sinclair Ra Ra Riot has been a consistently strong voice in the world of indie-rock,  part of the reason being a case of “right place, right time.” The group has continued to release uplifting and vibrant albums without ever hitting a slump, all in the Golden Age […]

HarborLights & Brutus prove their savagery @ ONCE

Brutus  November 12, 2019 at ONCE Ballroom The adrenaline was contagious as post-rock bands HarborLights  and Brutus swept the crowd away at the ONCE Ballroom Tuesday evening.  HarborLights opened the show, drawing in the crowd with their heavily distorted guitars, bass, fast-tempo drumming, and talent. A fight even broke out halfway through HarborLights’ set, as […]

Toro y Moi was in his groove @ House of Blues

Toro y Moi  November 6, 2019 at The House of Blues Toro y Moi (moniker of Chaz Bundick) is a South Carolina native and one of the pioneers of the chillwave movement – that dreamy, psychedelic indie sound of the early 2010s that preceded the existence of “Lo-Fi Beats To Study To” playlists. Now based […]

Kishi Bashi @ The Royale

Kishi Bashi  November 3, 2019 at The Royale Nothing is more satisfying than watching a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter successfully prove their musicianship on stage in front of a crowd. The thing that is special about Seattle-born Kishi Bashi is the joy and effortlessness that he exudes  while doing it. After failing out of Cornell’s School […]

FINNEAS gives Boston fans an intimate show

FINNEAS October 24, 2019 at Paradise Rock Club Fresh off a world tour, FINNEAS made things intimate during the final show of his Blood Harmony tour at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. The tour came paired with an EP, Blood Harmony, that released October 4th. The project was a sweet taste of FINNEAS’ youthful […]

Chief Keef knows how to put on a show: Review

Chief Keef October 30, 2019 at Paradise Rock Club Chief Keef’s Boston show was an otherworldly experience. Stepping through the doors of Paradise Rock Club was akin to falling through the looking glass and being transported to a mirror reality located somewhere squarely in the center of the uncanny valley. Despite arriving a good hour […]

Mxmtoon fills the Sinclair with joy

mxmtoon November 8, 2019 at The Sinclair Mxmtoon performed an upbeat sold-out set at the Sinclair on her Masquerade tour. This was her first headlining tour and first time in Boston. She brought her signature ukulele sound and connected to her audience with relatable lyrics and catchy melodies. Her singer-songwriter roots stood out on songs […]

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