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Men I Trust make it melancholy in “Girl”

Men I Trust “Girl” Independent · October 11, 2022 Melancholy — the feeling that autumn always seems to bring with it — oozes from Men I Trust’s latest single, “Girl.” Although I have never seen Twilight, this song gives off some of the same vibes. Starting with a calm, soft percussion that continues throughout the […]

Kelsey Blackstone shines on her latest single “Alice”

“Alice” immediately engages listeners with its uplifting sound – chirping birds and bright guitar melodies that fill a room. Kelsey Blackstone is well on her way to achieving unimaginable heights in her career as a singer-songwriter, and she’s determined to not back down from the spotlight. From performing with a full band to co-founding the […]

DIY is back, baby: Listen to Dino Gala’s “Fun Fair”

What’s most remarkable about this track is the band’s ability to float so effortlessly into clouds of untethered distortion, then come right back down to earth to deliver a hard-hitting verse. Out of the slew of new projects emerging from the haze of the pandemic, Boston indie rock band Dino Gala (Martin Kessler, Alex Massey, […]

Vampire Weekend returns with two new singles, “Harmony Hall” and “2021”

The deafening silence from the band seems less intentional and more like time just got away from them. Here comes a feeling you thought you’d forgotten… It’s time for new Vampire Weekend music! Since Ezra Koenig, frontman of Vampire Weekend, told fans that LP4 “is done” during their performance at Lollapalooza, they’ve been anxiously waiting […]

New Music Mondays | 11.19.18

Get ready for your big turkey dinner by listening to these tasty new tunes. #NMM. ‘Pussy Is God’ – King Princess “Has anyone seen Mikaela Strauss? This 19-year-old New York native is a music prodigy. At just age 11, she was offered a record deal but turned it down to continue her education. By June […]

New Music Mondays | 10.29.18

Recover from the Halloweekend hangover with some new tunes. #NMM ‘Padded Locks’ – Mick Jenkins feat. Ghostface Killah “An incredible year for rap keeps getting better with the latest release from Mick Jenkins. The rapper, who started his career making mixtapes with Saba, is back with his second studio album Pieces of a Man. Inspired […]

New Music Mondays | 10.22.18

It may be getting cold out, but these hot new tunes are sure to keep you warm! #NMM ‘Deserter’ – The Hand Sunn EP by The Hand “The Hand, a metal group out of Detroit, have become something of a cult favorite in their city over the past year. Finally, fans of the group have […]

New Music Mondays | 10.15.18

Mourn the death of Pete and Ariana’s engagement with some tasty new tunes. #NMM ‘Treasure’ – Sampha “Friday marked the release of the new Felix Van Groeningen film ‘Beautiful Boy,’ starring Steve Carell (Nic) and Timothée Chalamet (David). The film is about the struggled relationship between a father and his meth-addicted son. Topping off the […]

New Music Mondays | 10.01.18

Cozy up with your Pumpkin Spice Latte and settle in for some #NMM. ‘Charlotte’s Thong’ – Connan Mockasin “The second single from the forthcoming album Jassbusters is a hypnotic nine-minute indie epic. For those unfamiliar, Connan Mockasin is an indie rock eccentric with style similar to Ariel Pink, but a sound more akin to Mac […]

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