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You should start by taking a look at our media team guide: Click Here

Please be sure to read this closely! It has all you need to know to be able to contribute content.

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This is the best way to stay in the know with all things media team! Here, we’ll send out meeting info, show review and photography opportunities, album review request forms, and other important info for our writers and photographers. You can also check out all of our past newsletters here.

Submission Folder: Click Here

This is where you will submit the first draft (as a google or word doc) of any and all written content, as well as photos from shows.

For new writers:

To start contributing content, you’ll need to attach a clearance article with your first album review request form. This should be a review of any album, around 450 words, and in keeping with the WRBB style guidelines (see the media team guide above). We’ll look it over and give any feedback necessary, and then you’ll be all set to start contributing articles! We recommend that writers build their chops with a few album reviews first before reviewing shows, but if there’s a show you really want to review and you’re a new writer, let us know and we can work something out.


Our first meeting of the Spring 2023 semester will be on Tuesday, January 17, from 8 to 9 p.m. in Cahners 007 🙂

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